Spectrum Analysers

SeriesFrequency RangeReal-Time BandwithMin. Resolution Bandwidth (RBW)Max. CW RF PowerSSB Phase Noise (@10kHz offset, typ.)DANL (Preamplifier On) (5MHz – 1.5GHz, typ.)PreamplifierTracking GeneratorEMI Filter & Quasi-Peak DetectorPrice From
DSA700 Series
100kHz – 500MHz
100kHz – 1GHz
N/A100Hz20dBm (100mW)<-80dBc/Hz<-155dBm/HzStandardN/AOptional£560.00
DSA800 Series
9kHz – 1.5GHz
9kHz – 3.2GHz
9kHz – 7.5GHz
N/A10Hz20dBm (100mW)<-80dBc/Hz (DSA815)
<-90dBc/Hz (DSA832E)
<-98dBc/Hz (DSA832 & DSA875)
<-155dBm/Hz (DSA815) <-158dBm/Hz
(DSA832E) <-161dBm/Hz (DSA832 & DSA875)
Standard‘-TG’ models onlyOptional£826.00
RSA3000 Series
9kHz – 3.0GHz
9kHz – 4.5GHz
10MHz (standard)
25MHz & 40MHz (optional)
10Hz (standard)
1Hz (optional)
30dBm (1W)<-102dBc/Hz<-161dBm/HzOptional‘-TG’ models onlyOptional£3,059.00
RSA3000E Series
9kHz – 1.5GHz 9kHz – 3GHzUp to 10MHz1Hz30 dBm, attenuation ≥40dB preamp off, -10dBm, attenuation ≥ 20dB preamp on<-102dBc/Hz (Typical)<-161 dBm/HzOptionalStandardOptional£1,441.00
Free Software Option Bundle
RSA3000N Series
9kHz – 1.5GHz 9kHz – 3GHz   9kHz – 4.5GHz10MHz (Standard)
40MHz (Optional)
1Hz+30 dBm Attenuation ≥ 40dB, preamp off-102dBc/Hz-161dBm/HzOptionalStandardOptional£1,891.00
RSA5000 Series
9kHz – 3.2GHz
9kHz – 6.5GHz
25MHz (standard)
40MHz (optional)
1Hz30dBm (1W)<-108dBc/Hz<-165dBm/HzOptional‘-TG’ models onlyStandard£5,401.00
Free Software Options Bundle
RSA5000N Series
9kHz – 3.2GHz
9kHz – 6.5GHz
25MHz (standard)
40MHz (optional)
1Hz+30 dBm attenuation ≥ 40 dB, preamp off<-108dBc/Hz<-165dBm/HzOptionalStandardOptional£7,113.00

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