RSA3000N Series Real-Time Spectrum Analysers with VNA & DTF


Frequency Range: 9kHz to 1.5GHz, 3GHz, 4.5GHz| Real-Time Bandwidth: 40MHz | Phase Noise: <-102dBc/Hz

  • Built-in Vector Network Analysis mode
  • Conduction/Radiation Pre-compliance with Built-in Emi Test Software
  • Signal Triggering and Monitoring Via Fmt Mode
  • Resolution Bandwidth As Low As 1 Hz
  • DANL As Low As -161 dBm with Optional Preamp
  • Excellent Phase Noise Metric
  • Multiple interfaces to improve the connectivity of the instruments
  • Complete Operations with a Multi-touch Screen

The new RIGOL Vector Network Analysis mode adds significant capability to our RSA family of Spectrum Analysers. Customers needing to characterise active or passive components, identify signal path errors or tune antennas will benefit from the complete VNA solution. Supports the following:

  • S11 – Reflection Coefficient
  • S21 – Forward Transmission
  • Distance to Fault

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