MSO7000 Oscilloscope News Page

The MSO7000 Series currently has a Free Software Options Bundle Offer running until the 30/9/2020. When you purchase any MSO7000 Oscilloscope you will receive free Protocol Analysis, Waveform Generator and Power Analysis Bundle Licences for FREE!

12-06-18 – The NEW Rigol MSO7000 series oscilloscopes are multifunctional, high-performance, digital oscilloscopes based upon Rigol’s new UltraVision II technology. Integrating up to 6-off independent instruments into one, the MSO7000 series offers a high sample rate / bandwidth ratio, high memory depth, clear touch-screen display, excellent waveform capture rate and powerful data analysis functions.

Many of its specifications are industry leading. These instruments are expected to be popular for R&D, universities, production, quality control, communications engineering, automotive engineering, aerospace engineering, industrial and power markets.

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