RSA5000 Real-Time Spectrum Analyser News Page

The RSA5000 Series currently has a Free Software Options Bundle Offer running until the 30/9/2020. When you purchase any RSA5000 Real-Time Spectrum Analyser you will receive free RSA5000-B40 and RSA5000-PA Licences for FREE!

18-1-18 – The NEW Rigol RSA5000 series spectrum analysers combines the power of a high-performance conventional spectrum analyser with superior real-time performance, unmatched in this product category.

Available in 3.2GHz and 6.5GHz models, all RSA5000 series analysers provide a resolution bandwidth (RBW) down to 1Hz, a noise floor as low as -165dBm/Hz and a full span sweep as fast as 1ms. In addition, the analyser features up to 40MHz of real-time bandwidth (optional), a minimum probability of intercept (POI) of 7.45µs, 7-rich visualisation modes and powerful triggering capability.

The Rigol RSA5000 series is a complete analysis package for engineers developing and integrating todays wireless technologies utilising complex and dynamic modulation schemes.

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