Rigol DG4000 Series Waveform Generators

Max. Output Frequency: 60MHz, 100MHz, 160MHz, 200MHz | Sample Rate: 500MSa/s | Vertical Resolution: 14bits

  • Wide Screen, Novel Appearance
  • Dual Channels With Equal Performance And Precise Phase Adjustment Between Channels
  • Built In 150 Arbitrary Waveforms
  • Rich Analogue And Digital Modulation Functions
  • Multiple Sweep Modes
  • Noise Generation Function And Burst Mode Function
  • Up To 16th Harmonic Output Function
  • High Resolution Function Of Frequency Meter

The DG4000 Series waveform generators are utilized in a wide range of applications because of the many functions combined into one instrument. With capabilities including Function Generation, Arbitrary Waveform Generation, Pulse Generation, Harmonic Generation, Analog/Digital Modulation source, and Counter the DG4000 series can handle a broad array of signal emulation applications from near DC up to 60 or even 200 MHz depending on model and function. The DG4000 utilizes Direct Digital Synthesizer (DDS) technology which delivers stable, precise, low distortion signals. The sleek, upright design features a high resolution 7″ display screen, while the user-friendly interface design and panel layout improves efficiency.

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