Rigol RSA3000E Series Real-Time Spectrum Analysers

Frequency Range: 9kHz to 1.5GHz, 3GHz| Real-Time Bandwidth: 10MHz | Phase Noise: <-102dBc/Hz

  • Conduction/Radiation Pre-compliance with Built-in Emi Test Software
  • Resolution Bandwidth As Low As 1 Hz
  • DANL As Low As -161 dBm with Optional Preamp
  • ASK/FSK Demodulation Analysis
  • Excellent Phase Noise Metric
  • Complete Operations with a Multi-touch Screen

The RSA3000E is a 5-in-1 spectrum analyser with sweep spectrum, real-time spectrum, scalar network analyser (-TG model), EMI receiver and digital demodulation. Its frequency range is 9kHz to 1.5/3GHz, and it is available with the tracking source “-TG” model, which can be widely used in enterprise R&D, factory production, education and teaching.

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