Rigol DSA815-TG 1.5GHz Spectrum Analyser
Price From £789.00

• Frequency Range: 9kHz to 1.5GHz
• Minimum Resolution Bandwidth (RBW): 10Hz
• Phase Noise: <-80dBc/Hz
• Displayed Average Noise Level: <-155dBm/Hz
• Level Measurement Uncertainty: <1.5dB nom.
• Connectivity: LAN(LXI), USB Host & Device
• Built-In Tracking Generator

More details... Rigol DSA815-TG 1.5GHz Spectrum Analyser<br> Price From £789.00

Rigol MSO5000 Series Oscilloscopes
Price From £729.00

• 70-350MHz with 2 or 4 Channels
• 8GSa/s Max Sample Rate
• Flexible UI Including Touch
• 7 Instruments In 1
• Advanced Analysis Capabilities
• Useful Long Memory
• FREE Software Options Bundle! (£544.00 Value)

More details... Rigol MSO5000 Series Oscilloscopes<br> Price From £729.00

Rigol DS1202Z-E Oscilloscope

• 200MHz Bandwidth
• 2 Channels
• 1GSa/s Sampling Rate
• 24Mpts Deep Storage
• 30,000 wfms/s Waveform Refresh Rate
• 60,000 Frames Recording Playback
• 350MHz Standard Probe

More details... Rigol DS1202Z-E Oscilloscope

Rigol MSO8000 Series Oscilloscopes
Price From £6,486.00

• 600MHz / 1GHz / 2GHz Bandwidth
• 4 Analogue + 16 Digital Channels
• 10GSa/s Sample Rate
• 500Mpts Memory
• 16 Channel Logic Analyser
• Digital Voltmeter
• FREE Software Options Bundle (£1,817.00 Value)

More details... Rigol MSO8000 Series Oscilloscopes <br> Price From £6,486.00

Rigol RSA3000E Series Real-Time Spectrum Analysers
Price From £1,441.00

• 1.5GHz / 3GHz Frequency Range
• 10MHz Real-Time Bandwidth
• <-102dBc/Hz SSB Phase Noise
• <-161dBm/Hz Displayed Average Noise Level
• <1.0dB Level Measurement Uncertainty
• Various Advanced Measurement Functions

More details... Rigol RSA3000E Series Real-Time Spectrum Analysers<br> Price From £1,441.00

Rigol DS1054Z The BEST Selling Oscilloscope

• 50MHz Bandwidth
• 4 Channels
• 1GSa/s Sample Rate
• 24Mpts Memory Depth
• 30,000 wfms/s Waveform Capture Rate
• Up to 60,000 Frames
• FREE Software Options Bundle (£205.00 Value)

More details... Rigol DS1054Z The BEST Selling Oscilloscope

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