Rigol DS1054Z 4CH, 50MHz, 1GSa/s, 24Mpts Digital Oscilloscope

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Rigol DS1054Z Digital Oscilloscope

The Rigol DS1054Z is a 50MHz, 1GSa/s, 4-channel digital oscilloscope that offers a powerful combination of quality, performance and functionality – It’s excellent value for money. Features include; high memory depth, wide dynamic range, clear display, excellent waveform capture rate, comprehensive triggering functions, auto measurements with statistics and various remote communications interfaces. Options include; rack mount kit and a soft carry bag. Please note: The option for an integrated 2 channel function / arbitrary waveform generator is not available on the DS1054Z – Please refer to the DS1074Z-S Plus and DS1104Z-S Plus models for this capability.
Supplied with… 4-off passive probes (150MHz), USB cable, UK & European mains leads, quick guide.


  • 50MHz Bandwidth
  • 4 Channels
  • Maximum sample rate 1GSa/s
  • Vertical scale 1mV/div to 10V/div
  • Memory depth up to 12Mpts (24Mpts optional)
  • Innovative “UltraVision” technology
  • Up to 30,000wfms/s waveform capture rate
  • Up to 60,000 frames real-time waveform record and replay (optional)
  • 7″ WVGA (800×480) TFT LCD display, 64 intensity grading levels
  • Up to 15-off trigger functions, including various protocol triggers
  • Auto measurement of 33 waveform parameters, with statistics
  • Built-in FFT with a choice of window functions
  • Pass/fail test function
  • Built-in help facility
  • Connectivity: USB Host & Device, LAN(LXI), AUX Output, (USB-GPIB, optional)
  • Compact size, light weight, easy to use
  • Supplied with… 4-off passive probes (150MHz), USB cable, UK & European mains leads, quick guide, CD (user guide & application software)
  • Options include… Deeper memory, waveform record & replay, advanced trigger functions, serial bus analysis, rack mount kit, soft carry bag, Telonic Standard Calibration, RCL 17025 Calibration

Rigol DS1000Z Oscilloscope Comparison Table

Model Channels Bandwidth Max Sample Rate Memory Signal Generator Waveform Refresh Rate
DS1054Z 4 50MHz 1GSa/s 24 Mpts N/A 30,000 wfms/s
DS1074Z PLUS 4 + 16 Digital (Opt) 70MHz 1GSa/s 24 Mpts N/A 30,000 wfms/s
DS1074Z-S PLUS 4 + 16 Digital (Opt) 70MHz 1GSa/s 24 Mpts X2 30,000 wfms/s
DS1104Z PLUS 4 + 16 Digital (Opt) 100MHz 1GSa/s 24 Mpts N/A 30,000 wfms/s
DS1104Z-S PLUS 4 + 16 Digital (Opt) 100MHz 1GSa/s 24 Mpts X2 30,000 wfms/s
DS1102Z-E 2 100MHz 1GSa/s 24 Mpts N/A 30,000 wfms/s
DS1202Z-E 2 200MHz 1GSa/s 24 Mpts N/A 30,000 wfms/s

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Sample Mode Real-Time Sample Rate
Real-Time Sample Rate Analogue channel:
1 GSa/s (single-channel),
500 MSa/s (dual-channel), 250 MSa/s (three/four-channel)
Digital channel:
1 GSa/s (8-channel), 500 MSa/s (16-channel)
Peak Detect Analogue channel: 4 ns
Digital channel: 4 ns
Averaging After all the channels finish N samples at the same time, N can be 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512 or 1024.
High Resolution 12 bit (max.)
Interpolation Sin(x)/x (optional)
Minimum Detect Pulse Width Digital channel: 10 ns
Memory Depth Analogue channel:
24 Mpts (single-channel), 12 Mpts (dual-channel), 6 Mpts (three/four-channel)
Digital channel:
24 Mpts (8-channel), 12 Mpts (16-channel)
Number of Channels DS1XX4Z Plus/1XX4Z-S Plus: 4 analogue channels, 16 digital channels available after upgrade
DS1054Z: 4 analogue channels
Input Coupling DC, AC or GND
Input Impedance Analogue channel: (1 MΩ±1%) || (15 pF±3 pF)
Digital channel: (100 kΩ±1%) || 8 pF±3 pF)
Probe Attenuation Coefficient Analogue channel: 0.01X to 1000X, in 1-2-5 step
Maximum Input Voltage (1MΩ) Analogue channel:
CAT I 300 Vrms, CAT II 100 Vrms, transient overvoltage 1000 Vpk
Digital channel:
CAT I 40 Vrms, transient overvoltage 800 Vpk
Timebase Scale 5 ns/div to 50 s/div
Maximum Record Length 24 Mpts
Timebase Accuracy ≤ ± 25 ppm
Clock Drift ≤ ± 5 ppm/year
Maximum Delay Range Negative delay: 1/2 (Memory Depth/Sample Rate)
Positive delay: 1 s to 500 s
Timebase Mode YT, XY, Roll
Number of X-Y’s 1
Waveform Capture Rate 30,000 wfms/s (dots display)
Zero Offset ±0.5div*minimum time base scale
Bandwidth (-3dB) DS1104Z Plus/1104Z-S Plus: DC to 100 MHz
DS1074Z Plus/1074Z-S Plus: DC to 70 MHz
DS1054Z: DC to 50 MHz
Single-shot Bandwidth DS1104Z Plus/1104Z-S Plus: DC to 100 MHz
DS1074Z Plus/1074Z-S Plus: DC to 70 MHz
DS1054Z: DC to 50 MHz
Vertical Resolution Analogue channel: 8 bits
Digital channel: 1 bit
Vertical Scale
(Probe ratio is 1X)
1 mV/div to 10 V/div
Offset Range
(Probe ratio is 1X)
1 mV/div to 499 mV/div: ± 2 V
500 mV/div to 10 V/div: ± 100 V
Bandwidth Limit 20 MHz
Low Frequency Response
(AC coupling, -3dB)
≤5 Hz (on BNC)
Calculated Rise Time DS1104Z Plus/1104Z-S Plus: 3.5 ns
DS1074Z Plus/1074Z-S Plus: 5 ns
DS1054Z: 7 ns
DC Gain Accuracy <10 mV: ±4% full scale
≥10 mV: ±3% full scale
DC Offset Accuracy ±0.1 div ± 2 mV ± 1% offset
Channel to Channel Isolation DC to maximum bandwidth: >40 dB
Trigger Level Range ±5 div from the centre of the screen
Trigger Mode Auto, Normal, Single
Holdoff Range 16 ns to 10 s
High Frequency Rejection 75 kHz
Low Frequency Rejection 75 kHz
Trigger Sensitivity 1.0 div (below 5 mV or noise rejection is enabled)
0.3 div (above 5 mV and noise rejection is disabled)
Edge Type Rising, Falling, Rising/Falling
Pulse Condition Positive Pulse Width (greater than, lower than, within specified interval)
Negative Pulse Width (greater than, lower than, within specified interval)
Pulse Width 8 ns to 10 s
Pulse Width Condition None, >, <, <>
Polarity Positive, Negative
Pulse Width Range 8 ns to 10 s
Windows Type Rising, Falling, Rising/Falling
Trigger Position Enter, Exit, Time
Windows Time 8 ns to 10 s
Edge Type Rising, Falling
Idle Time 16 ns to 10 s
Edge Number 1 to 65535
Slope Condition Positive Slope (greater than, lower than, within specified interval)
Negative Slope (greater than, lower than, within specified interval)
Time Setting 8 ns to 10 s
Signal Standard NTSC, PAL/SECAM, 480P, 576P
Pattern Setting H, L, X, Rising, Falling
Edge Type Rising, Falling
Delay Type >, <, <>, ><
Delay Time 8 ns to 10 s
Edge Type Rising, Falling, Rising/Falling
TimeOut Value 16 ns to 10 s
Pattern H, L, X
Trigger Condition >, <, <>
Duration Time 8 ns to 10 s
Edge Type Rising, Falling
Data Pattern H, L
Setup Time 8 ns to 1 s
Hold Time 8 ns to 1 s
Polarity Normal, Invert
Trigger Condition Start, Error, Check Error, Data
Baud Rate 2400 bps, 4800 bps, 9600 bps, 19200 bps, 38400 bps, 57600 bps, 115200 bps, 230400 bps, 460800 bps,
921600 bps, 1 Mbps and User
Data Bits 5 bits, 6 bits, 7 bits, 8 bits
Trigger Condition Start, Restart, Stop, Missing Ack, Address, Data, A&D
Address Bits 7 bits, 8 bits, 10 bits
Address Range 0 to 127, 0 to 255, 0 to 1023
Byte Length 1 to 5
Trigger Condition Timeout, CS
Timeout Value 16 ns to 10 s
Data Bits 4 bit to 32 bit
Data Line Setting H, L, X
Cursor Manual mode:
Voltage deviation between cursors ( △V )
Time deviation between cursors ( △T )
Reciprocal of △T (Hz) (1/ △T )
Track mode:
Voltage and time values of the waveform point
Auto mode:
Allow to display cursors during auto measurement
Auto Measurement Analogue channel:
Period, Frequency, Rise Time, Fall Time, Positive Pulse Width, Negative Pulse Width, Positive Duty Cycle,
Negative Duty Cycle, tVmax, tVmin, Positive Rate, Negative Rate, Delay 1→2 , Delay 1→2 , Phase
1→2 , Phase 1→2 , Maximum, Minimum, Peak-Peak Value, Top Value, Bottom Value, Amplitude, Upper
Value, Middle Value, Lower Value, Average, Vrms, Overshoot, Pre-shoot, Area, Period Area, Period Vrms,
Digital channel:
Period, Frequency, Positive Pulse Width, Negative Pulse Width, Positive Duty Cycle, Negative Duty Cycle,
Delay 1→2 , Delay 1→2 , Phase 1→2 , Phase 1→2
Number of Measurements Display 5 measurements at the same time
Measurement Range Screen or cursor
Measurement Statistic Average, Max, Min, Standard Deviation, Number of Measurements
Counter Hardware 6 bits counter (channels are selectable)
Display Type 7.0 inch TFT LCD display
Display Resolution 800 horizontal × RGB × 480 vertical pixel
Display Colour 16 million color (24 bit true color)
Persistence Time Min, 100 ms, 200 ms, 500 ms, 1 s, 5 s, 10 s, Infinite
Display Type Dots, Vectors
Standard Ports USB Host, USB Device, LAN, AUX Output (TrigOut/PassFail)
General Specifications
Output Voltage About 3 V, peak-peak
Frequency 1 kHz
Power Voltage 100 V to 240 V, 45 Hz to 440 Hz
Power Maximum 50 W
Fuse 2 A, T degree, 250 V
Temperature Range Operating: 0℃ to +50℃
Non-operating: -40℃ to +70℃
Cooling Method Fan cooling
Humidity Range 0℃ to +30℃ : ≤95℃ relative humidity,
+30℃ to +40℃ : ≤75℃ relative humidity,
+40℃ to +50℃ : ≤45℃ relative humidity
Altitude Operating: under 3,000 meters,
Non-operating: under 15,000 meters
Dimensions Width × Height × Depth = 313.1 mm × 160.8 mm × 122.4 mm
Weight Without package 3.2 kg ± 0.2 kg,
With package 3.8 kg ± 0.5 kg
Calibration Interval The recommended calibration interval is 18 months.


Specifications are liable to change. For the full list of Specifications, please see the products datasheet located under the ‘Documentation’ tab.

179 reviews for Rigol DS1054Z 4CH, 50MHz, 1GSa/s, 24Mpts Digital Oscilloscope

  1. bogdan.deac (verified owner)

    Great scope. For the price I must say that is a best buy. It came with all functions unlocked. Fast delivery and great support from Telonic.

  2. martins (verified owner)

    Good scope at a good price, delivered overnight using standard free delivery option.

  3. John J

    Great scope for my budget.
    Slightly heavier than expected.
    Thanks Telonic!

  4. John

    I ordered the scope at 2.30 in the afternoon using the standard free delivery. It arrived before 10.00 am next morning.
    The scope is extremely good value for money.

  5. NcQ

    Nice piece of kit at a good price delivered quickly and without fuss.

  6. Trevor M

    Excellent product and great service, how they do it for the price is unbelievable.

  7. G D

    Delivery prompt, packing good.
    Scope appears very good and easy to use, given the large range of features.

    Two suggestions for improvement:
    1. Multi-function knob too sensitive – difficult to press to select without rotating enough to change selection.
    2. Manual is 258 pages and does not cover every menu option. There are several layers of menus, so it is difficult to find particular options from memory. A “”menu tree”” poster would be very useful.

  8. Kevin G

    My first modern scope. Brought this to replace my ancient Tektronix 2211, that finally died. It’s amazing value, and does everything I need, with plenty of additional features I’ll likely never need. A lot smaller than expected too!

  9. Anonymous

    If your are in the market for a 4 channel oscilloscope at this price point, the DS1054z is
    pretty much out on its own. Probably more features than I will ever use. Highlights include
    numerous trigger options including some useful SPI and I2C modes. Very large 24M samples capture buffer
    and a large and bright screen. Display is a bit busy although having the measurement options
    permanently on the rleft hand side of the screen is definitely useful. The controls can be a bit fiddly but
    everything is very well laid out.
    Fast 24 hour delivery by Telonic for no extra charge.

  10. Andrew A

    The perfect accompaniment to my two CRT based Scopes. I am all set up.

    Thank you Telonic.

  11. Anonymous

    Cracking good little DSO.
    Well priced & excellent next day delivery from Telonic.

    Very good all round.

  12. Tony V

    Good web site, UK based company! Lots of choice and lots of information, easier than most to make a selection and competitive on price. Free delivery the day after ordering within half an hour of the delivery window starting. My first digital scope, instruction book downloaded from Telonic well written and easy to understand. The scope is now in active use!

  13. F R

    Pretty good purchase compared to alternatives. It would benefit from a few minor improvements (response to user inputs could be snappier, sampling rate for “history” of measurements could be higher) but overall it’s a very capable instrument.

  14. John O

    As a hobbyist and a complete beginner with oscilloscopes, I was hoping to find something that would do most things but at a bargain price! This scope will no-doubt be more than capable. It is well made, packed with features and fairly easy to figure out. Highly recommended.

  15. Ken G

    Four channel digital storage scope with a 50MHz bandwidth, with colour display. Huge number of facilities on the scope including FFT so you can use it as a limited spectrum analyser, yet to explore fully. With automatic signal analysis of a chosen displayed signal taking the work out of measurements. Each channel control, sensitivity and trace position of all four channels is selected with buttons and then the relevant rotary control is used, needs a little getting used to. Updating of screen is a little slow using the position control, but perfectly usable.
    Many facilities on the scope make it worth it’s price tag.

  16. John H

    Great product
    I haven’t had much chance to use it for projects, but playing around with it for the past few days it’s a well built device with all the features you could ask for at this price range. Well worth it if you do any electronics work.

  17. Sebastien

    Telonic service
    More a review about Telonic than the scope itself as haven’t had much time to play with the scope. This one seems to work with Sigrok and Pulseview on Linux via USB which allow to display traces and control settings.
    Anyway, great service from the distributor Telonic which dispatched the scope as advertised. Was ordered after lunch time and arrived just about same time the day after. Was kept informed of what was happening by the company which send the invoice separately. Good service all round.

  18. Stuart

  19. C T

    Rigol scope DS1054Z
    Delivered next day as promised. The scope had all the additional features preloaded, no codes to enter.
    Boot time 20 seconds, self calibration 25min . Probe calibration 5 mins, so up and running in 30mins.
    Good solid machine as an entry specification and use for home hobbyist .

  20. John T

    Loads of features for so little.
    PDI check by Telonic , fast delivery and ease of use so it is up and running straight out of the box.

  21. John L

    Excellent service, I ordered at 14:45 and received next day as promised. Not really used the scope yet, but spent a lot of time researching before commiting to a purchase.

    Downloaded the ultra scope software to try as well. Product was well packaged so arrived intact.

  22. Philip P

    Excellent service

  23. Anonymous

    An excellent product, fast delivery and a good price.
    Thanks again to Telonic

  24. EGR Europe

    Works as good as expected

  25. Jonathan P

    This is a great 4 channel DSO for the price. The only things that could be implemented better are the multifunction rotary encoder and the noisy fan. The encoder jumps to the next setting when pushing it to select the option. I suppose it is just very sensitive and I will have to get used to it with my ham fists. The fan can be replaced easily. The service offered by Telonic was great and the DSO was delivered next day before 12:00 free of charge.

  26. Martin C

    Rigol DS1054Z Oscilloscope
    Excellent product, fast delivery, well packaged. Will definitely purchase from this company again.

  27. Dillan M

  28. Stuart

    DS1054Z Oscilloscope
    Delivery was next day – amazing!
    This scope is a fantastic product. I have bought 3 to date, and will transfer all our other scopes over to this model.

  29. Gavin G

    Grate scope at a very good price. happy with my purchase and the quick delivery time, Thanks

  30. Rory T

    Good price, well packaged and it arrived in Scotland from South England the next day.

  31. Stuart

    Very helpful
    I phoned for assistance with ordering as I’d noticed the Rigol and Telonic sites were linked – the staff were very helpful in clearing that up and we had a brief chat about the ‘scopes. I ordered in the afternoon, and my delivery came the next morning. Excellent service and a good product, and though the site feels a little clunky and dated, this did not detract from my satisfaction with the order.

  32. Francis

    Fantastic product and great service from Telonic. Next day delivery before midday as promised

  33. Paul K

    Great Service
    Was impressed with the service I received. Problem with multi order issue with site resolved and was expecting to see items today. The guys got it shipped out Thurs in time for a Friday delivery. Much appreciated – and a free DMM too!

  34. Paul M

    Rigol DS1054Z
    Very happy with delivery and packaging, Menu based ‘adjust and press ‘ approach to driving it is a far cry from my old tektronix 502A , but I expect I will adapt, (im used to a single control for every thing. Its seems ok on operation, although I have found that ch 4 doesnt trigger as reliably as the other 3. Not sure if this is operator error, but ch 1 to 3 were ok will keep and eye on this , other wise It is a neat little scope for the money

  35. Joanne G

  36. Paul C

    The whole process was straightforward and delivered promptly

  37. Stuart

    Excellent service. Quick delivery.

  38. Julien C

  39. Steve P

    Purchased this oscilloscope for home electronic repairs – have used scopes professionally, costing many times more, yet the features and performance of this Rigol still impress! It feels well built, the screen is bright, information clear and it does not take long to get up to speed with the controls. What more could you ask for in a sub £400 4 channel oscilloscope?!

  40. Ian M

  41. Richard P

    I purchased the product as a present for my son. He needs it to help with his university studies. He feels it is an excellent value product, which will perform all the tasks he will of it.

  42. Stuart

    Great service
    Speedy shipping. All as expected, all software features enables.

    Slight niggle with UK power cable – a bit snug and needed a good firm push to get the unit to power on. Was confusing as lights came on but didn’t boot at first. Make sure the cable is all the way in.

  43. Person from Salisbury

    Excellent service, fine scope.
    The ordering process and delivery from Telonic can’t be faulted.

    I ordered a DS1054Z on Thursday morning, expecting delivery maybe Monday. Karen(Carol?) from Telonic phoned me on Friday to apologise for non-delivery of scope that day (delivery company hadn’t picked it up) and to rearrange for a delivery on Saturday morning. That’s customer service.

    As for the scope, you’ve heard it all already: it’s remarkable value for money, light-years ahead of the old analogue scopes I learnt on, relatively easy to use despite an extensive set of features. And the fan isn’t nearly as loud as I’d been led to believe. The only problem I have found so far: you can’t easily turn off measurement functions once turned on. (fixable in principle by a firmware update – should be “push for on, push for off”)

  44. J L

    Great buy & great service
    Arrived in less than 2 days (free shipping, tracking number), carefully packet. Excellent communication overall too.

    It was a nice a touch to receive a pocket DMM (Brymen BM22s) as gift.

    Looking forward to our next business.

  45. Stuart

    Rigol DS1054Z 50MHz Digital Oscilloscope
    Ordering from the website was straightforward and the product delivered promptly (within a day or two of ordering)

    Build quality appears to be good with everything having a ‘solid feel’. Built-in help function is very useful.

  46. Craig

    The way it should always be.
    From a clear website, well designed and laid out to a straightforward ordering experience , rapid dispatch and delivery – the whole process was seamless. The pre delivery inspection sheet included with the package confirmed latest firmware installed and that the device powered up etc. A nice personal touch.
    A brilliant experience from start to finish.

  47. Andrew G

    Rigol DS1054Z Oscilloscope.
    This device is astonishing value for money from rigol-uk.co.uk. You also get all the optional software licences enabled for no additional cost. The oscilloscope itself is a major improvement on the DS1052E (which was itself excellent value). Not long ago, something with these capabilities would have been an order of magnitude more expensive (and then some). The display on the DS1054Z is noticeably more like an analog scope than the 1052E … which is a good thing. The service from rigol-uk was superb: next day delivery, an inspection checklist and excellent communication.

  48. Jason S

    Superb service as usual
    The DS1054Z is quite an upgrade from my trusty DS1052E, especially with the free software upgrades, much clearer screen, 4 channels and an unbeatable price to performance ratio. Great service from TelonicRigol as usual

  49. Adam T

  50. Malcolm M

    Excellent scope for the money
    I needed a scope for the basic analysis of signals. I was going to get a 2-channel scope from a named manufacturer but realised I could really do with 3 channels. So I Googled 4-channel scopes and the Rigol came up.

    I watched a couple of YouTube videos on it and it looked fine, so I bought it. Very pleased so far, I like the way it operates and the information it gives me is just what I need. It does make a mild noise but I don’t know how that compares to other scopes.

    Basically this is well worth the money for someone needing a straightforward 4-channel scope.

  51. PETER D

    Review of the Rigol DS1054Z 50MHz scope
    Very satisfied with this product. Following three days usage, it proved to be everything I would have wished for. An added bonus was that the extended capabilities were official, as opposed to trial versions – thus increasing the value/usability of the scope. Regarding build quality – fantastic. It should provide many years valuable service.

    Only one item I would have liked to have received is a copy of the firmware the oscilloscope was provided with, as a backup should its memory be corrupted.

    In summary, if you are in the market for a digital oscilloscope that is worth buying, don’t wait – this is a fantastic scope and the one to go for.

  52. Dave C

    Excellant Purchase
    First class piece of kit at a great price. Good advice over the ‘phone from knowledgable people…

  53. Philip L


  54. Peter T

    Good product
    Good product – came with some goodies which were appreciated. It also came with a free digital multimeter which made straight away it into the rubbish bin due to its poor quality. I am just going to say that pairing an oscilloscope priced at £350+ with a £1 worth multimeter bonus is unfortunate, shows that they don’t really understand their product and I highly recommend them to stop this practice.

  55. Michael J

    Very Good
    Besides a slightly dodgy Channel 1 BNC connector that makes it a bit difficult to detach the probe, it’s a great bit of kit.

  56. R K

    Rigol DS1054Z 50MHz Oscilloscope
    The scope arrived well packaged with next day delivery and delivery updates via email.
    The scope itself is an excellent product packed with features and came with the Rigol BND-MSO/DS1000Z Software Options Bundle and four scope probes free of charge.
    Excellent value for money product and good customer service.

  57. Kenny L

  58. Thomas H

    Very quick delivery times and great tracking of the package while in transit. No problems.

  59. Jonathan P

    Happy chappy
    Great instrument for the price. Excellent speedy service from the supplier. Have used rygol products through work and first time bought one for home.

  60. Wingco

    Rigol 1054Z oscilloscope
    Great service came with all the options and next day delivery. Price was compatible with bangood so all round recommended deal and supplier. The scope is a no brainier performance equal to much more expensive makes and with the decoders a powerful tool.

  61. Andrew S

    Really great scope!
    Delivery very fast, scope is amazing for the price.
    Free DMM was passed on to my son.
    Excellent company – I’ve just ordered a function generator to go with this.
    Very pleased!!!

  62. Ralph

    Love my scope already!
    Awesome bit of kit with fast, top notch service.

  63. Malcolm P

    Great, but flaws
    The hardware is great. Manual needs work as does the user interface.

  64. Simon J

    Prompt delivery, I will use again.

  65. Patrick C

    DS1054Z Scope
    Excellent Service, scope arrived next day well packaged.
    For the money the scope is brilliant, easy to use, a massive improvement on my old Tek TDS2002.
    Only slight moan is the internal fan, it’s bloody noisy!

  66. Joe F

    Exactly as described
    Not really much you can say… Ordered on a Sunday, delivered on a Tuesday exactly as promised. Really well packed, worked perfectly out the box. Great service.
    The free DMM was nice.

  67. James L

    Rigol DS1054Z 50MHz Digital Oscilloscope
    Superb product. As an amateur hobbyist this fits my requirements spot on.

    A great service from Telonic. It was a nice touch to receive a free digital multi-meter too! Thank you – I will be back at some point no doubt.

  68. Andrew S

    Fast Delivery and tracking information was perfect too

  69. HW

    Brilliant scope
    The videos on this site as well as the DS1054Z segments on the EEVBLOG YouTube channel make operating the DS1054Z very straight forward. The fan noise is noticeable but it doesn’t bother me. My only suggestion for improvement so far is that the user interface to clear the measurements selected by the buttons on the left of the display is too complicated. When I select a function, e.g Rise Time, the readout appears at the bottom of the display and the scope starts measuring. Selecting it again when already active does nothing instead of making the measurement of Rise Time disappear as one would naturally expect. Instead one has to go halfway across the front plate to the Measure button to start the rather convoluted delete / recover item N process? The recover function for past measurements may be useful in some instances, but I have yet to find a need for it.
    Anyway, apart from this minor inconvenience, I think this is an amazing device and highly recommended

  70. Chris

    Excellent sales process & delivery
    I haven’t had time yet to review the product, but it arrived quickly and safely thanks to DPD and it’s working fine.

  71. Blaz Z

    Rigol DS1054Z 50MHz Digital Oscilloscope
    Hi 🙂

    This instrument is all what i expected to be, it works perfectly. Till this purchase i was using analog oscilloscope from TESLA BRNO. And this piece of equipment is just brilliant, whole new world of digital instruments era.

    I would recommend to anyone who is in hobbies electronics projects.

    Cheers 😉

    Regards B.

  72. Stuart

    Great product and great service
    Great product, very easy to use and upgrade. I experienced great customer service from Telonic, very helpful and friendly – I’ll definitely be back for more!

  73. Paul

    Excellent first experience
    Never having heard of or dealt with Rigol before, I read up online about the product, found the website, placed the order, rang to make sure I would get it the next day and sure enough received it the next day.

    Product was much better than I expected and the whole process was very smooth and easy.

    It is a while since I bought an oscilloscope and the DS1054Z is a massive jump in technology and features to what I was use to. I messed about with a Hantek 6022BE a year or so ago and that was very good for the money, but now that I have played with the Rigol, I can see that it was a false economy and I should have invested in the DS1054Z from the get go.

  74. Lee K

    First Purchase from Rigol
    Very happy with Rigols service and their product. Would recommend highly.

  75. Nicholas T

    Ordered it on a weekend, arrived swiftly and in good condition on the following Tuesday.

    My first “proper” digital scope; already working well for me and am getting results much more quickly, easily and accurately than with my old basic USB Bitscope.

  76. Stuart

    Rigol DS1054Z 50MHz Digital Oscilloscope
    Fast delivery and working great

  77. Robin

    Another Great bit of test gear
    This was my third order for test equipment and have been impressed with service and quality every time.

  78. Philip S

    Fantastic little scope.
    I was recommended the Rigol DS1054Z scope by a friend and all I can say is, he was spot on with his recommendation. It’s a fantastic little scope.

    In its price range there is nothing that can touch it; this scope puts some higher end scopes I’ve used to shame with what it can do for its price.

    Worth every penny.

    As for the service, I ordered late Friday night, was shipped on the Monday and it arrived on the Tuesday. Top notch service.

    5 Stars.

  79. Mike

    Happy customer
    I ordered a Rigol oscilloscope from rigol-uk.co.uk. Process couldn’t have been easier and the item arrived by courier next day. The DS1054Z is a bargain for the features you get. Very pleased. Based on my experience I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this company to others.

  80. Steve C

    All Good
    Great service, will buy from again.

  81. Stuart

    Excellent buying experience
    After quite a lot of searching I decided that Rigol seemed to be the best quality of the low end oscilloscopes. I am not an electronics professional and how much to spend on which facilities was not an easy decision. At the suggestion of someone at Telonics I included the DS 1054Z in my deliberations and although at the upper end of my budget it seemed up to date with lots of facilities and the EEV blog convinced me that it was mostly well built. I have not had time to explore the facilities beyond basic working but the PDF user manual is detailed and extensive.
    The purchase through Telonics was excellent and as fast as one could possibly want. Thank you!


    digital Rigol oscilloscope
    excellent service would recommend to other interested parties 5 star rating
    many thanks
    Mr Devine

  83. Jerry S

    Super oscilloscope
    Great oscilloscope and unbeatable at the price, highly recommended.

  84. Simon W

    Very good value
    Excellent for the money. Occasional freezes; sometimes rather slow to respond; some menu operations awkward; but for the price, I think it’s very good.

  85. Peter L

    Good entry level oscilloscope
    Hi. I bought this item recently and I have to say it’s just fine stuff for its price. It’s not lagging and fill like good quality stuff. This little scope really does the job! Also the people in telonic was very nice and kind and responding on my emails was very quick. They told when I can expect the delivery and they was very polite. My parcel was delivered in good condition and all was very well protected. Only one minus I find out was a free multimeter because I just expected autoranging meter like on the website, but instead I receive like 15f normal manual ranging multimeter. I think for this price you can do it bit better? But that was free so is really hard to complained. On the end I have to say that, that was my best online shopping so far and I definitely will have a business with them again. My score is 9/10.

  86. Michael G

    purchase review
    Put an order a Sunday evening, and received my scope Wednesday.
    Fast and easy to order, with working 2 step verification.
    They also put in the correct power mains cable for use in Denmark.

    Can’t do a product review as I have only used the scope for maybe 2-3 hours.

  87. Malek B

    best for money
    I was expecting a basic oscilloscope and get a pretty cool one – if you don’t need sophiticated maths but just signals observation for good DIY electronic design – this one is more than enough…
    very happy with it after few days of usage

  88. Scott

    DS1054Z Oscilloscope
    I can’t praise Telonic and Rigol enough.
    Jim turned my order around the same day (even though the scope had just been delivered). This unit was delivered the next business day by DPD. An easy and professional transaction.

    The DS1054Z itself is a great piece of kit. It’s light, compact and performs beyond what I need it to do. It’s easy to use and a great addition to my steadily growing collection of hobbyist kit.

  89. Patrick H

    Good Service, Good price, good Scope
    The scope is competitively priced and works flawlessly, the firmware seems up-to-date (lacked glitches that i had seen in some reviews), it even came with an inspection checklist and a free low-end DMM,

    The order process was painless, i received email updates on the order progress and then tracking via SMS, 3 work-days later i had my scope (Shipping from the UK to Denmark).

    5/5 would recommend.

  90. Robin C

    Excellent customer service
    Very pleased with my new ‘scope. Faultless service from the people at Telonic every step of the way. Thanks 🙂

  91. Jason F

    Fast and efficient
    Excellent service and cmmunication

  92. Chris R

    I held off for a while before buying this scope as a replacement for my (aged but functioning) CRT based DSO. Very VERY impressed with the functionality the 1054Z offers -especially- for the price. Wow. DSO’s have really come of age! If you’re at all hesitating or debating on purchasing one of these, don’t. Buy it! You will not regret it.

    Telonic, were very helpful and delivery was very speedy (next day) with the scope very nicely packed to endure any possible knocks in transit. Telonic will most definitely be my first port of call for any other instrumentation in the future.

  93. Stuart

    Rigol ds1054z oscilloscope
    Brilliant scope, excellent service, fast next day delivery. : ))

  94. Mark M

    Lots of bang for your buck !
    Was delivered fast and free (Next Day) congrats to Telonic

    A superb Instrument that has facilities unheard of a few years ago, It will take me some time to explore fully.

    Indeed probably the only one in this entry level price range to sport such things as Digital code triggering and decoding.

    I work with PIC microcontrollers communicating to other devices by RS232 so being able to monitor the serial ports and actually decode the messages sent is something I simply couldn’t do with my ancient analog scope (Advance OS3000)

    The unit is also very light and compact and pretty rugged which means I can take it about easily which I couldn’t do with my old CRT one (not without risking injuring my back !)

    A four Channel unit at this sort of price with all these functions is amazing I see why Dave Jones from the EEV Blog raves about them (on the Rigol Website and well worth a look)

  95. Rahman

    Superb !!!
    Shipping Free 10/10
    Order experience 10/10
    After order update and correspondence 10/10
    Delivery 10/10
    Product warranty period 10/10
    Website experience 10/10

    Product Purchased: “Priceless”

    Can’t recommend theses guys enough, my new favourite lab equipment company …. Keep up the good work people and give yourselves a pat on the back …. The true British shopping experience ….

  96. Richard FP

    Excellent Service
    Very impresses with you service and Product.

  97. Nigel T

    New ‘scope
    I’ve played with a few digital scopes in the past, and was lent a Rigol a few weeks ago to try.

    The performance of the 1054 matches the reviews I’ve seen online.

    I work mainly with audio, digital, and RF up to 30 MHz, so the fT is suitable for me.
    There’s almost too much in the box. It’s going to take a while to play with all these new features, but it should be fun.

  98. Mark B

    Brilliant Oscilloscope !
    Excellent quick service and the Oscilloscope is top quality, very robust, excellent measurement parameters and features. Does far more than I ever expected at such a competitive price – nothing in this price range comes close in any way. Very pleased with the equipment and Telonic’s customer service. Thoroughly recommend !

  99. Andrew C

    Rigol DS1054Z 50MHz
    Good delivery time (couple of days) and worked straight out of the box.
    Down side is that the manual is very basic, but there are many u-tube videos to learn about the more sophisticated features.

  100. Stuart

    Rigol DS1054Z
    Very pleased with the oscilloscope fast delivery would have liked no labels or badges applied as these spoil the appearance of the unit and had to be removed.

  101. Stuart

    Brilliant service – dispatch was extremely fast and the time elapsed between clicking the “buy” button and receiving the item was easily the shortest I’ve ever experienced. My oscilloscope arrived in under 22 hours – phenomenal. High quality product regardless of the price – that just makes it better!

  102. Stuart

    My purchase went perfectly
    Good advice over the phone, rapid delivery. All went perfectly.

  103. Nicholas W

    Very quick delivery and good customer service.
    Very pleased I did business with Telonic, my order arrived very quickly and shipping was done with a competent courier. Very good value for money on this particular product.

  104. Carl F

    Good product and great service.
    thanks. very happy. quick delivery, good price, and good product.

  105. Dan

    Great value scope
    Arrived really quickly, nice to see some companies still use reputable couriers!

    The scope is excellent value and a great entry level / hobbyist model with a good, clear screen and it seems to be pretty responsive. I don’t think you’ll find a better scope in this price band, even though it has been out for a few years.

    The internal fan is a bit noisy but I got used it after a while and only really noticed the noise when I switched it off.

    My only real gripe is RigolUK/Telonic have stuck their own stickers on the top which are probably going to leave a mark when I remove them. I prefer my purchases to arrive in the condition they left the factory,

    The multimeter (UNI-T 33D) is fine as a free gift but isn’t anything to write home about, the 10A range isn’t even fused and battery access requires removing the self tapping screws so it’ll probably fall apart after a few changes.

    I would be happy to use RigolUK/Telonic again in the future.

  106. Stuart

    Happy Days!
    Arrived next day as promised. Lots of stuff on the internet about lag and bugs but after a few hour use I found no issues at all. Represents excellent value and features for the price. Very happy with my purchase and the service received.

  107. Veronika

    Great purchase!
    Cheaper than in EU, very quick and free delivery to EU country and received a gift as well – really happy with the purchase, thank you!

  108. laurence h

    First class service
    Really impressed with the service

    Email info from order to after shipping

    I’m really impressed with my scope and the free multi meter too

    Well done guys you rock 🙂

  109. Oliver

    Best value scope!
    I still can’t believe how good this scope is. It has features that scopes 2 or 3 times the price lack. This is pretty much the ultimate scope for the hobbyist or even professional engineer messing about with electronics outside of work hours.

    The user interface will be familiar to anyone who has used a scope before. The screen is a good size and the overall quality of the unit is fantastic.

    My only gripe is the fan is quite loud which I believe is a common complaint but easily overlooked or overcome with approx are bench position or otherwise.

    I would recommend this scope to anyone looking for a 4 channel scope with a reasonable bandwidth.

  110. Stuart

    A mightily impressive bit of kit for the price. So far, I’ve found the cost cutting drawbacks and limitations to be minimally intrusive. The multi function rotary thing is crap though. I expected worse fan noise. Otherwise, loving it.

  111. Tony R

    Great service and equipment
    Part of a large order that took some time to complete due to problems at my end. Jim was totally understanding whilst all this happened, but we eventually got through, and the order completed.
    So far all the equipment has worked as described, and has already helped in solving a few issues with my antennas systems.
    I’ll definitely be back.

  112. Jaska

    Excellent value for price
    Replaced my old analog oscilloscope with Rigol DS1054Z and couldn’t be happier! 4 channels, great screen and all the math functions make life much easier. Build quality is much more robust than you would assume by looking at online pictures.

    Highly recommended!

  113. Dimitris T

    Excellent Oscilloscope, excellent retailer
    I won’t tell much about the scope, the internet is full of reviews & videos about it. It’s just bang for the buck.

    The scope arrived fast, in excellent condition, upgraded with the last firmware and tested that functions properly before it’s shipped. On top of that I’ve found also a multimeter in the box as a gift.

    This is by far one of the most excellent services I ever seen, although I bought this product privately and not with my professional status.

    Congratulations for your excellent services. I would definitely suggest to anyone buy it from you.


  114. Robert

    Great Value Instrument
    Excellent value for money for the home user. A couple of minor niggles:
    – a good deal of HF noise on traces as mentioned elsewhere.
    – fan is noisy (and likely unnecessary as the exhaust is very cool).
    – menu system is complex and takes a bit of getting used to of course.
    – would be better to have per channel controls.
    – screen text is rather small for ageing eyes 😉 (though some can be sized up a bit).
    – the software has a few bugs (google for DS1054Z bugs) but don’t they all!
    But all in all an amazing ‘scope for the money compared with what a Tek with the same performance might cost!
    Ordered Thursday, delivered Friday, great service.
    I notice that Brexit has already pushed the price up a little – don’t delay!

  115. James M

    Great Value
    As others said it has quite a lot of noise. Apart from that it is a great little scope for the price

  116. Rv

    Very happy with this purchase.
    This scope, while being at the lower end of the market, provides everything I need. The feature set and performance is excellent and the small size is a bonus. The rotary encoders are a little limp feeling though and sometimes double-step causing a slight frustration when changing settings.

    Overall this device is really hard to fault for the price and easily out performs the competing products.

    Very happy with the seller too. Shipped out within hours and arrived the next day exactly as stated. VAT invoice arrived separately that same day.
    More companies need to be this committed to the satisfaction and after-sales process.

  117. Mark E

    Oscilloscope purchase
    Telonic were great to do business with! Web purchase was clear and straightforward, and follow-up communication was excellent. Progress reports from sale through to delivery, and even an extra free gift in the box as well 🙂

    Would thoroughly recommend.

  118. Cris

    Fantastic Service
    Delivered next day, everything included ready to go. Excellent!

  119. HAM hobbyst

    Rigol DS1054Z 50Mhz
    Came in excellent packaging and excellent condition. Works out of the box.

  120. David B

    Rigol DS1054Z
    Have used HP scopes in the past, this scope is very good value for the money, very pleased with it, would consider purchasing other Rigol equipment in the future.

  121. Fred S

    Wow, all this for under £300.
    Not sure how they make any money on this….

  122. Peter G

    rigol 1054z
    Very pleased with the oscilloscope and the very fast delivery.

    Just one comment, which is hardly fair given it is a freebie, but I suspect most people, like me, buying an oscilloscope will already have a DMM. A free USB stick (Rigol badged?) would have been more useful.

  123. Rodney C

    Was pleased to find Telonic had stock, Nice scope, great performance and an even better price. Very Happy.

  124. Dave J

    Opted for the Rigol DS1054Z Oscilloscope after watching positive reviews on my namesakes Dave Jones eev blog.
    Telonic have been around for years and they also helped me with a frequency converter requirement.

  125. John F

    This is a great oscilloscope and well worth the money in fact i was surprised how cheap it was.
    Have dealt with Telonic for many years now and they always provide a good service.

  126. Curtis R

    Oscilloscope was dispatched quickly and securely including a filled out checklist for the product confirming all contents were packaged and the firmware was up to date. UK C13 was included in addition to the factory supplied europlug. Could not expect a more thorough service.

  127. Rob M

    Fantastic service – Quick delivery – Great price!
    The Oscilloscope arrived a day sooner than I really expected so I had it in time for the weekend. Communication regarding my order was exemplary, I don’t think I’ve known better!

    The Rigol DS1054Z is everything I’d hoped it would be, a well featured O’scope at a seriously competitive price. I cannot find anything on the market that truly competes at anywhere near the price and the fact that there is UK based service back-up was the final deciding factor for me to go ahead and purchase.

    I’m looking forward to having this above my bench for a long time to come!

    Many thanks to all at Telonic (Rigol UK).

  128. Stuart

    A good value instrument, and an efficient purchase through Telonic.

  129. Peter K

    Excellent quality
    I have tó say, the quality and the whole purchase experience were much better than I expected. Even the packaging was brilliant. The Rigol oscilloscope like a fantastic jewelry. Very high quality. It worth every penny.
    I received email about every process of my order, including an invoice via post, separately. When I have to buy something similar tool to my lab, this company will be the first where I look around.

  130. Jorge A

    Pedro, quanto e que pagou no total aqui em Portugal, quando recebeu o osciloscopio?

  131. Martin B

    A Good Scope at a Good Price
    Having used Tek scopes for over 40 years as a professional electronics engineer I am now a retired amateur and can no longer afford their prices!
    I was looking to supplement my trusty Tek 2-channel scope with a 4-channel one for those times when 4 channels are needed.
    Early testing indicates that its overall performance isn’t quite to Tek standard but it is good and the feature-set is remarkable – so it may get more use than I originally thought.
    There are one or two things that niggle me though:
    – I use the cursor facility a lot and the on-screen display cannot be moved from its top-left corner and so it covers a useful part of the screen.
    – the fan is a bit noisy – unnecessarily so I think.
    In summary, I would say that if you are looking for a low-cost scope – either 2 or 4-channel – then give this unit your serious consideration.
    Ordering from Telonic was easy and delivery first class – ordered on-line at 14:45 and delivered by 11:30 the next day.

  132. Dean G

    Ordered Thursday morning and in my hands by 8am Friday Morning.

    Well packaged, inspected and to say I’m in love with is this piece of kit , well that would be an understatement!

    Highly recommend these people and the DS1054Z

    Thank you

  133. Pedro S

    Maybe the best value for money
    It’s the first osciloscope that I buy and I’m very pleased with it. I saw a lot of reviews before spend 300£ on one, but I think I wont regret. It’s a great equipment for the price and it’s excellent for newbies.
    I even got a free pocket DMM that’s gonna be very usefull to have in my car.

  134. Felix G

    Thank you very much Telonic for such a good purchase experience.
    Everything is perfect with my scope, couldn’t be happier.
    You even managed to deliver it when I asked which I really appreciate.

    Will be ordering my DP832 soon.

  135. Francesco

    Excellent product from a reliable company
    The Rigol DS1054Z oscilloscope is *the* best seller at the moment, no contest. And for a reason: it is an oscilloscope that gives excellent value for money. I attempted to buy a used one from ebay for several months, but there was hardly any available and the price was way too high compared to a brand new one. Eventually I gave up hope and decided to buy a new one instead.
    The service of Telonic is very professional, with next-day courier tracking and delivery. The included pre-sales calibration service is very much appreciated and the little DMM I received with the scope is a most welcome gift.

  136. Frank C

    Smooth process, fast service, good price
    I have bought from here before and once again everything was smooth and professional.

  137. Stuart

    First class service
    Excellent service, the order was placed online at 14:00 on a Thursday and the courier arrived at 08:00 on the Friday morning. I’m sure the scope will live up to expectations and a free DMM as well.


  138. David D

    I really can’t fault either Telonic or this Rigol scope. The scope was cheaper than you can get it on eBay, and of course you have the peace of mind ordering from the official UK dealer, and no worries about getting stung for import duty!. The scope is solid and well built, has a superb range of features and boasts an excellent, large and clear LCD.

    £300 delivered the next day for a 4 channel scope is unbeatable value. There’s a few features which are software limited and you have to buy licence keys if you want to use them after their trial period expires, but they are desirable for expert users, rather than essential for everyone.
    I doubt anyone could be disappointed with this scope. I got one to replace my ancient Hameg digital/analogue hybrid and my Philips analogue CRT scopes and it’s opened up a whole new world of measurement options.
    In summary, it’s great!

  139. Chris K

    Rigol DS1054Z
    Surprising performance from this little oscilloscope. This frees up lots of space on my test bench and is a good, inexpensive upgrade to my old HP digital scope. This instrument is packed with useful features and functionality. The I2C, SPI and RS232 decode options are going to be a useful upgrade when the trial period expires.
    Delivery was very quick. Arrived mid morning when ordered at 3pm the previous day. The free pocket multimeter included did not influence the purchase decision but nevertheless was gratefully received.
    Excellent purchase for the hobbyist or cost conscious professional alike.

  140. MICHAEL B

    Rigol DS1054Z
    I cannot emphasise how impressed I was with the ease of this recent purchase. The website was very simple to navigate but what impressed me even more than this was the speedy service and the updates I received relating to the delivery.and when we could expect the driver to arrive at our house

    The order was processed the same day that I placed it and the goods were shipped the following day, the box it arrived in perfect condition and was very well taped, the box itself was of a sturdy nature.

    I have not checked the contents of the box as this is a present for my son but I am hoping everything will be fine.

    If only every online retailer offered such an impressive and comprehensive level of service !

    Thank you !

    Mike Ball

  141. Blakey

    Amazing for the price!
    The 1054Z is packed full of features that are extremely useful and that I was pleased to find worked very well.
    The only reason for giving four not five stars is that some functions are only temporary and lapse unless you pay extra. Rather mean spirited.

  142. Stuart

    Rigol DS1054Z
    Have been using this scope for several weeks now and remain very pleased. Cracking performance and features for the money. Superb service from Telonic Instruments.

  143. jack h

    Ds1054z oscilloscope
    I have been looking for a scope for a while now to aid with the electronics i do now im retired. This scope is excellent value, came well packaged and arrived very quickly. Have not yet put it through a full test of its capabilities , but so far had no problems. The extra test meter i received as a bonus is a nice unit to. Very pleased so far with my purchase.

  144. mustapha

    Thank you .
    Excelent service and quality

  145. Austin L

    Excellent value with great features
    Overall, a well built and value for money device. However, some of the optional accessories and software upgrades seem expensive in comparison.

    4-channel ‘scope for less than my previous 2-channel, and with more features!!
    Build quality seems sturdier than other models I have used recently, for a similar price. Apart form extra channels, many other additional features.

    Ultra Sigma software for remote control allows access to many features (most of which I personally am unlikely to use).
    Ultra Scope software for displaying on PC was not readily promoted, and took some searching to find that it was available to download (doesn’t seem to be on CD). Works well and responds virtually in real-time (unlike previous scope that downloaded a screenshot). However, haven’t yet found if I can or how to display cursor on PC view. This is a feature that find useful when including screenshots in reports, etc.

  146. Paul G

    Awesome Product and Excellent value for money
    The title says it all. Highly recommend it

  147. Andres T

    Great Deal
    Great deal! next day delivery!

  148. Andy I

    Scope Beginner
    Absolutely fantastic service coupled with a fantastic device. Having never used a DSO before I was up and running decoding RS232 serial data within 5 minutes. Very surprised to find how easy this scope is to use. Thanks for a great product.

  149. Stuart

    Rigol 1054Z
    Excellent service, very fast deliver, great communications and a great product. I would happily buy from Rigol-UK again.

  150. Steve T

    Very solid, useful kit
    Display is excellent and rotary controls are easy to use. Soft menu buttons take a bit of getting used to, there are so many useful functions.

    Exporting raw data to USB memory stick works well, although a bit fussy on the filling system format – I’ve found plain FAT works best.

  151. Tudor A

    Excellent Internaional delivery.
    Recently purcheased a DS1054Z for delivery to Romania. The product arrived in perfect condition and quickly (within 4 business days). The scope is wonderfull and Rigol was also extremely considerate and along side the standard UK power chord, placed an EU one. Excellent customer care.
    Thank You

  152. Mr Webb

    excellent service
    Rapid delivery, no messing about, very happy indeed!

  153. Martin C

    A second to none service
    The product is great but I can’t speak highly enough about the service. Next day delivery, emails from a real person updating me on my order, immediate reply to a question.

    I own a business and I really hope my company shows the same level of service to my customers.

  154. Dragos V

    I’m impressed, thank you very much!
    Excellent service, very fast delivery and great product.
    Very well built, it looks, feel and works PERFECT and the price is hard to beat.
    Thank you very much!

  155. Stephen P

    New scope
    Its a bit of a step up from my crt scope! lots to learn but pleased with my purchase.

  156. Stigwurx

    Do believe the hype
    My workbench having become too small for both projects AND my vintage HP54501A I set out into the interweb with specs and a budget in mind for a new scope. There were many contenders in the my price range but most of them take a fair to inordinate drubbing for their shortcomings on the multitude of blogs and forums.
    The DS1054Z however has its praises sung far and wide with only a few of the ubiquitous grumblings from aside, so I took a punt. Verdict, yes it does live up to its reputation. It ticked all the boxes of function and form factor for me and even gave me some to tick that I hadn’t considered.
    All of the above at this price makes it a hands down winner for me.
    Four channels too…excellent.
    The icing on the cake was the painless purchase and prompt delivery from rigol-uk. A thumbs up all round..

  157. Ian K

    Rigol DS1054Z
    Fast delivery of a great product. What more could I ask?

  158. Garry W

    Awesome purchase
    Emailed Jim and Karen at Telonic, by the next day the scope was in my hands. What can you say about personal service like that other than awesome job people, Worked out of the box with no faults or problems.

    All in all, awesome service, polite and very helpful staff, and I am not the easiest customer to satisfy. A job well done Telonic.


  159. Derek S

    great service
    All that has been said and written about the DS1054Z is true I have been using scopes for the last 35 years and this is a dream to use at a killer low price .a true classic and will take some beating for years to come.
    the company is delight to buy from , very helpful and for this I thank you

    Telonic comment: Thanks for your kind review on the Rigol DS1054Z oscilloscope.

  160. Stuart

    My DS1054Z was pre-ordered to take advantage of the price before a price rise. I was kept notified of all stages and the delivery took place within the hour period specified. The scope of course is brilliant although the features so outstrip my old analogue scope that it will take a while to learn how to use all the features.

    Telonic comment: Thanks for your kind review on the Rigol DS1054Z oscilloscope.

  161. Hatem S

    Can’t beat the Rigol DS1054Z
    Simply the best – by far – budget oscilloscope.
    Extremely happy with the deal I got 🙂

    Telonic comment: Thanks for your kind review on the Rigol DS1054Z oscilloscope.

  162. kevin h

    rigol ds1054z
    This is one of the best pieces of test equipment i have bought for a long time, The oscilloscope is so easy to use and has so many more functions than either of my other Hp or Tektronix scopes for so much less. The serial decoding was so easy to use. and I am still finding new features every day as i use it. The purchase could not of been easier with a simple and clear website and delivery within 2 days.

    Telonic comment: Thanks for your kind review on the Rigol DS1054Z oscilloscope.

  163. Derek

    Rigol DS1054Z
    Great scope, superb features, easy to use and doesn’t take up too much bench space! Super fast shipping too!

    Telonic comment: Thanks for your kind review on the Rigol DS1054Z oscilloscope.

  164. Chris

    DS1054Z Oscilloscope
    What a great company to deal with. I was informed all the way through the buying and delivery process. And the tracking system was amazing.

    The scope itself is very good quality; I would recommend this unreservedly.
    Also the price was the best I found on the internet.

    Thank You

    Telonic comment: Thanks for your kind review on the Rigol DS1054Z oscilloscope.

  165. Steve S

    I’m extremely happy with my DS1054Z Oscilloscope. It represents very good value for a hobbyist such as myself. Telonic’s service was impeccable, with the stated next day delivery and a provided time slot for the courier which was honored. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend both the product and the service to a friend.

    Many thanks,

    Steve Smith – G0TDJ

  166. John P

    Rigol DS1054Z Delivery and Product testing
    The delivery arrived when expected and was well packaged. The scope worked correctly on testing and also proved how versatile a scope it is. The firmware was the latest released by Rigol. I have not tested for the historical Jitter problem as yet but do not expect there to be a problem with this firmware release. Summing up a very versatile scope and very good value for the money.

  167. David W

    recent purchase
    I was very pleased with the speedy delivery, the way you kept me informed throughout, and I’m thoroughly pleased with the product. I have put it to good use already and I don’t know how I ever coped without it!

    The product is well designed, the user interface is really easy to use, and the features are wide and varied.

    Many thanks

  168. Steve p

    Excellent scope
    Extremely happy with the new DS1054Z Rigol scope. Well worth the 2 month wait for this model to come in stock. Nothing really touches in in this price bracket.

  169. S T

    Happy Customer
    Upon placing my order I was advised the unit would be out of stock and the ETA for it’s arrival. I was kept up to date with dispatch notifications, and my invoice was emailed to me which I was able to pass straight on to our accounts team. The Goods were delivered when they said they would be. Would use again.

  170. Mark A

    purchased rigol ds1054z
    very impressed with the service

    Telonic comment: Thanks for your kind review on the Rigol DS1054Z oscilloscope.

  171. Nigel H

    Poor show
    One week. Two badly managed orders. First order. One item missing from paperwork (but you still managed to charge full price). Had to ask for it. Second order. Item ordered before 1300 but not sent. Chased on Friday. Told it had been sent. Contacted again. Told it hadn’t been sent. Price sent up minutes after I said on phone I was ordering. Delivered 3 days late. Should have spent money at cheaper Batronix. Will do next time.

  172. Andrew S


  173. Stuart P

    Great product & first class customer service.
    Great product & first class customer service, just a pity they don’t seem to ever have any in stock! I that’s what happens when demand outstrips supply.

  174. Jonathan B

    Purchase experience at Telonic
    I ordered a Rigol DS1054Z from Telonic instruments a few weeks back. Due to the popularity of this oscilloscope, there was a few weeks lead time, but this is the same at all retailers at the moment. In any case I was in no rush. Telonic notified me when the scope arrived and I went to their premises to collect it. Unfortunately I got stuck in traffic and didn’t arrive until after closing time. The guys still let me in to collect the goods and were a pleasure to deal with. I would happily recommend Telonic and would buy from them again.

  175. Mark K

    Great entry level scope
    I’m an electronics beginner and on the recommendation of a friend, and having read several reviews, I decided to buy the DS1054Z. I’m so impressed, what a great device to get started with. Everything is logically laid out, and easy to operate. I especially like the inbuilt help, it’s handy when you’re not quite sure which function you need as a beginner. Service from Telonic (Rigol-UK) was briliiant, the scope arrived well before their estimated date, I know these scopes are in high demand. Faultless service. Thanks!

  176. Stuart

    Great Service from Telonic
    Currently one of the toughest to get scopes on the planet.
    Joined the queue at Telonic, and scope came as planned.

    Good and prompt communication.
    Don’t take payment until the goods are shipped.
    No BS promises.
    Super fast delivery.

    As for the scope, can’t be beat at this price point.

  177. Stuart

    Spoilt by trigger jitter and vague warranty terms
    You get a lot of oscilloscope for the money, however it suffers from a triggering issue when using delays of 5 uS or multiples of 5 uS. AC coupled triggering is also unstable.

    These issues are claimed to be addressed by a firmware update due out in Jan 2015. Earlier beta testers of the firmware were left in the lurch by not being able to revert to earlier firmware. Rigol do not deal with firmware updates at all professionally, they need to publish release notes and make public the firmware versions. They also claim that it’s not possible to revert to earlier firmware when updating, which is completely unacceptable. Other manufacturers do a much better job in this regard.

    Telonic mention a 12 month warranty, the rest of the world has a 3 year warranty… If you register the product with Rigol it appears to become a 3 year warranty, but only via Germany!

  178. Stuart

    DS1000Z jitter and trigger problems resolved
    The well documented trigger and jitter issues with the DS1000z range of Oscilloscopes have now been rectified by Rigol with a firmware update, so don’t let this put you off purchasing.

    The DS1054Z I purchased recently is an excellent piece of kit, well worth the investment.

    Google the following for further information on the firmware update.

    EEVblog #699 – Rigol DS1054Z Oscilloscope Jitter Fix Testing

    Note from Telonic all DS1054Z Scopes now have this fix.

  179. Stuart

    great scope
    A great oscilloscope, well worth the wait for stock to arrive in the country. Digital scopes have advanced so much in the last 5 years, keysight, tek, take note!

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