Rigol PHA1150 High Voltage Differential Probe

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  • Bandwidth: 100MHz (-3 dB)
  • Rise Time: ≤3.5ns
  • Accuracy: ±2%
  • Range (Attenuation): 50X/500X
  • Maximum Measurable Differential Voltage (DC + peak AC): 50X: ±150V, 500X: ±1500V
  • Common Mode Voltage (DC + peak AC): ±1500V
  • Maximum Input Voltage-to-Earth (Vrms): 600V CAT III, 1000V CAT II
  • Input Impedance: Between each input and ground; 5MΩ±1%. Between differential inputs; 10MΩ±1%
  • Input Capacitance: Between each input and ground; <4pF. Between differential inputs; <2pF
  • CMRR: DC; >80dB. 100kHz; >60dB. 1MHz; >50dB. 3.2MHz; >30dB. 50MHz; >26dB.
  • Input Referred Noise (Vrms): 50X; <50mV. 500X; <300mV.
  • Delay: 16ns
  • Bandwidth Limit (5MHz): ≥-3dB@5MHz
  • Output Impedance: 50Ω