Rigol MSO8000 Series Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes

Free Software Options Bundle (£1,801.00 Value)
Purchase any MSO8000 Series Oscilloscope and receive Jitter Analysis, Protocol Analysis, Waveform Generator and Power Analysis Licences for FREE! (MSO8000-BND)
Offer Valid Until 30/9/2021

Bandwidth: 600MHz, 1GHz, 2GHz | Channels: 4 + 16 (Opt) | Max Sample Rate: 10GSa/s

  • 2 GHz Performance for Advanced and Serial Analysis Applications
  • Economical and Practical Eye Diagram Pretest
  • Support for Dither Analysis of Diverse Displays
  • Full Memory Hardware Measurement
  • Trigger, decode, and visualize serial bus traffic to speed analysis and debug of Embedded Serial Bus designs
  • Minimize scope “dead time” between trigger events and increases observations of random and sporadic events.
  • Find elusive problems in complex digital streams with long acquisitions at high sample rates

The MSO8000 Series digital oscilloscope adopts RIGOL’s self-developed chipset “Phoenix”, which can gain the data acquisition capability of up to 10GSa/s sample rate, realising the high integration of all the function modules required for the analogue front-end (AFE), and greatly improving the consistency and reliability of the digital oscilloscope. The innovative UltraVision II technical platform is equipped with higher waveform capture rate, full digital trigger technology, and full memory hardware measurement technology. The MSO8000 series digital oscilloscope also integrates multiple instrument modules, such as MSO, arbitrary waveform generator, digital voltmeter, 6-digit counter and totaliser, and protocol analyser, offering extraordinary user experience at an unprecedented price point.

ModelChannelsBandwidthMax Sample RateMemoryWaveform Refresh RatePrice
MSO80644 + 16600MHz10GSa/s500Mpts (std)600,000 wfms/s£6,486.00
MSO81044 + 161GHz10GSa/s500Mpts (std)600,000 wfms/s£8,107.00
MSO82044 + 162GHz10GSa/s500Mpts (std)600,000 wfms/s£10,540.00

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