Rigol DL3031 Programmable DC Electronic Load

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Rigol DL3031 DC Electronic Load

The DL3031 is a Single Input, 150V, 60A, 350W DC Electronic Load. With a user-friendly interface and superb performance specifications, the DL3000 series provides various interfaces for remote communication to meet your diversified test requirements. It can be widely used in various industries, such as automotive electronics, aerospace, and fuel cells.


  • Single input, 150V / 60A, total power up to 350W
  • Dynamic mode: Up to 15kHz (DL3031), Up to 30kHz (DL3031A)
  • Adjustable current rising speed: 0.001A/μs to 2.5A/μs (DL3031), 0.001A/μs to 5A/μs (DL3031A)
  • Minimum readback resolution: (TBS)
  • 4.3-inch TFT LCD, capable of displaying multiple parameters and states simultaneously
  • Over-voltage / over-current / over-power / over-temperature / reverse voltage protection
  • 4 static modes: CC, CV, CR, CP
  • 3 dynamic modes: continuous, pulsed, toggled
  • List function supports editing as many as 512 steps
  • Battery test function, OCP test, OPP test, factory test function, etc.
  • Short-circuit test function
  • Power-off memory function
  • Standard communications interfaces: RS232, USB device & USB host, LAN (DL3031A), digital I/O (DL3031A)
  • Supplied with… USB cable, 2x spare fuses, magnetic input terminal shield with screw, UK & European mains leads, quick guide
  • Options include… USB to GPIB module, rack mount kit (single instrument), rack mount kit (two instruments), LAN interface, digital I/O interface, high resolution option, high frequency option, high slew rate option

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DL3000 Specifications
Model DL3021 DL3021A DL3031 DL3031A
DC Input (0℃ ~40℃)
Voltage 0-150V 0-150V 0-150V 0-150V
Current 0-40A 0-40A 0-60A 0-60A
Maximum Power 200W 200W 350W 350W
Minimum Operating Voltage (DC) 40A @ 1V 40A @ 1V 60A @ 1.3V 60A @ 1.3V
CC Mode
Range 0-4A 0-40A 0-6A 0-60A
Programmable Resolution 1mA 1mA 1mA 1mA
Programmable Accuracy ±(0.1%+0.1%FS)
Temperature Coefficient 100 ppm/°C 100 ppm/°C 100 ppm/°C 100 ppm/°C
CV Mode
Range 0-15V 0-150V 0-15V 0-150V
Programmable Resolution 1mV 5mV 1mV 5mV
Programmable Accuracy ±(0.05%+0.02%FS)
Temperature Coefficient 50 ppm/°C 50 ppm/°C 50 ppm/°C 50 ppm/°C
CR Mode
Range 0.08 Ω~15 Ω
(0.0667 S~12.5 S)
2 Ω~15 kΩ
(0.0000667 S~0.5 S )
0.08 Ω~15 Ω
(0.0667 S~12.5 S)
2 Ω~15 kΩ
(0.0000667 S~0.5 S )
Programmable Resolution 2 mA/Vsense 2 mA/Vsense 2 mA/Vsense 2 mA/Vsense
Programmable Accuracy Vin/Rset*(0.2%)+0.2%IFS Vin/Rset*(0.2%)+0.2%IFS Vin/Rset*(0.2%)+0.2%IFS Vin/Rset*(0.2%)+0.2%IFS
CP Mode
Range 0-200W 0-200W 0-350W 0-350W
Resolution 100 mW 100 mW 100 mW 100 mW

Note* Specifications are liable to change. For the full list of Specifications, please see the products datasheet located under the ‘Documentation’ tab.


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