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FREE SOFTWARE OPTIONS BUNDLE (BND-MSO/DS2000A) worth £217 Buy this Rigol oscilloscope and get ALL software options (advanced trigger functions, serial-bus decoding and CAN-bus analysis) for FREE! Offer ends 31st December 2019 – All orders received before January 2020 will qualify for this promotion.

The Rigol DS2072A is a multi-functional high performance digital oscilloscope. Standard features include – Sensitivity down to 500μV/div, record, replay & analysis functions, selectable 50Ω input impedance and 8″ WVGA display with 256 grading levels. Furthermore, it possesses a variety of trigger functions, decoding functions, connectivity options, mathematical operations including FFT, automatic waveform measurement parameters with statistics, a pass / fail test and a built-in help system. A two channel 25MHz function / arbitrary waveform generator is included on ‘-S’ models. The Rigol DS2072A is a versatile instrument that offers useful performance and features at a very competitive price.

For further information, please refer to the ‘SPECIFICATION’ and ‘DOCUMENTS, SOFTWARE & VIDEOS’ tabs, above.

An overview of all Rigol digital oscilloscopes can be found HERE.

This Rigol oscilloscope is also available with…

A built-in 2-channel function / arbitrary waveform generator (DS2072A-S).
A built-in logic analyser (MSO2072A).
A built-in logic analyser and a built-in 2-channel function / arbitrary waveform generator (MSO2072A-S).



Digital Oscilloscope MSO/DS2000A Series

12 reviews for Discontinued – Rigol DS2072A 70MHz Digital Oscilloscope

  1. D D

    Nice Scope
    Well pleased with this scope. Seems very good. Not had a lot of use from it yet but the Serial Bus decode has proved really useful. Documentation is a bit abstruse in places but I’ve certainly met worse!
    See how we go from here. Every confidence in the item.

  2. Mathew L

    Fantastic Scope
    Just got my first DSO, used to using an old CRT-based unit. this is a huge step up in capability and functions, Storage mode is great, the screen is bright and clear.

    Menu system is good, I’ve not used it too much so still learning where everything is and the features.

    The Decode features are good, shame they are only trial and cost more to enable. I also noticed they seem to count down the time even when your not using them, The deep memory also gets limited after the trial, and you have to licence it to enable it again, shame when the unit physically has the memory.

  3. Mircea

    Great product! A+++ services
    Thank you very much for providing fabulous services. I’ll definitely be a returning customer!

  4. Hugh G

    Good Service
    Helpful phone contact before purchase and then ultra-quick delivery.

  5. Christopher P

    My first scope
    Order Process was fast and simple, Staff polite and helpful.
    Having spent many years using tektronix scopes in the work environment the Purchase of my Rigol DS2072A is my first own scope purchase and the instrument is a pleasure to use and doesn’t leave me feel like I’m missing anything from the Tektronix i use from day to day.

    I can whole heartedly recommend this product as excellent value and build quality.

    5/5 what more can I say…

  6. Stuart

    A nice scope. Much better than expected and likely to replace my (much loved) Tektronix.

    Telonic comment: Thanks for your kind review on the Rigol DS2072A oscilloscope.

  7. Richard T

    Superb, amazing measuring capability and light weight.

    Nice solid construction.

    The Fan is noisy, and a paper copy of the full instruction manual would have been nice.

    Telonic service first rate, live parcel tracking to the door step.

    Telonic comment: Thanks for your kind review on the Rigol DS2072A oscilloscope.

  8. Mark P

    Rigol 2072A
    Great scope but wish I didn’t have to buy all those extra features…

    Telonic comment: Thanks for your kind review on the Rigol DS2072A oscilloscope.

  9. Chris C

    good UK service with RIGOL DS2072A Oscilloscope
    Thanks once again for your help. Not many companies are offering this level of service. I am very happy with both the DS2000 and the DSA 815. Not only are they remarkable value for money, they are excellent pieces of test equipment, both in terms of specification and in ease of use. I have been extremely impressed by the way you have dealt with an [isolated one-off] issue, and I particularly appreciate the loan of a scope whilst you repaired mine.

    Best Regards, Chris Courtney – CJC Technology Ltd.

  10. B D C

    Purchased as a replacement for a Fluke Analogue scope. Very impressed with the huge range of features which are taking a little time to get my head round. I would have preferred a printed operating manual rather than having to constantly refer back to my PC which is away from my test bench. That apart, the Ds2072A is excellent value.

  11. stephen.k

    good well built and easy to use ,would recomend

  12. Jeremy O

    Great Scope!
    My first new scope for many years. Quite a big purchase, but the feature set and the beautifully detailed 8″ screen make this scope light-years ahead of anything I have owned previously, including a low-end Tektronix DSO.
    I have been using it on awkward, noisy, low-level signals (a few mV) and it sails through with solid triggering. I am not now inclined to haul out an analogue scope just to make sure that what I am viewing is not a digital aliasing artefact.
    It’s early days but the capabilities are incredible, yet the basic operation is nice and simple. Small things like the ability to return traces or trigger levels to the zero-dc line at a button-press are very handy.
    The ability to record glitchy waveforms is great, especially as the depth of memory is enough to store quite large time-slices of data and then scroll back through them.
    So, apart from a rather noisy fan, this gets a big thumbs-up so far.
    Well done Rigol.

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