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How do radio amateurs use RIGOL's DSA815? And for what kinds of applications?
Some simple examples of useful Radio Club application: An FM Broadcast Station was causing interference to our 2m to 4m transverter. This corresponded to an FM station which was recently launched. The
RIGOL 3GHz Spectrum Analyser - Applications insights from RIGOL-UK's customers.
1. Simple modulation testing above UHF. First I get straight on with monitoring typical modulation sidebands, I’m at 2,320MHz with DSA1030A-TG3 - a performance spectrum analyser from RIGOL incor
Which oscilloscope probe is best for my application
Selecting the correct oscilloscope probe is very important for making quality measurements. If the probe performance is not adequate or if you did not select the proper probe for your application, you
Are there any independent reviews of RIGOL Spectrum Analysers like DSA815 in the UK?
Yes, RSGB's RADCOM reviewed the DSA815-TG. (The relevant issue is RADCOM May 2013 pp36-39 N.B. accidentally omitted from the issue contents page !) There's lots of good comment about this from leading
RIGOL DG4062 Wave generator simulates heartbeat, for life-saving pacemaker medical technology... with help of RIGOL-UK's Team Telonic Instruments Ltd.
-- An example illustration of Twelve-lead ECG of a 26-year-old male A cost-beating means of simulating heart beats has emerged as another new application for, this time using a RIGOL w
Getting started with Rigol PC Software Tools
To view a list of all Rigol PC software applications, click HERE . To view a list of the versions of Rigol PC software applications currently available for download from this website, click
Rigol PC Software Versions
The table below lists the versions of Rigol PC software applications that are currently available for download from this Rigol-UK website. To find a download for your instrument... Go to th