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Digital Oscilloscopes

Rigol has an extensive range of compact, easy-to-use, digital oscilloscopes packed with useful features such as; various maths functions including the FFT, a pass/fail test function, advanced trigger functions, serial bus decoding and record & replay. Bandwidths range from 50MHz to 1GHz and sample rates from 1GSa/s to 10GSa/s. Some models are available with a built-in 2-channel function / arbitrary waveform generator. The DS7000 series features a touch-screen with colour intensity grading. The Rigol range of digital oscilloscopes is highly versatile and offers excellent value for money.

Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes

Rigol Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes are digital oscilloscopes with the convenience of a built-in 16-channel logic analyser. Choose from the DS1000D series (1GSa/s, 50MHz & 100MHz), the MSO1000Z series (1GSa/s, 70MHz & 100MHz), the MSO2000A series (2GSa/s, 70MHz to 300MHz), the MSO4000 series (4GSa/s, 100MHz to 500MHz) and the MSO7000 series (10GSa/s, 100MHz to 500MHz). The MSO1000Z and MSO2000A series have '-S' models that offer the convenience of a built-in, 2-channel function / arbitrary waveform generator.

Spectrum Analysers

The features, performance, quality and value for money offered by Rigol spectrum analysers has opened up new opportunities for various types of user - hobbyists, educational institutions and businesses alike. There are several models available, from 500MHz to 7.5GHz. The 'RSA' series real-time spectrum analysers are ideal for users working with signals that are dynamic in either frequency or time. Various options and accessories are available, including a built-in tracking generator, offering even more versatility. A Rigol spectrum analyser with EMI filter & Q-P detector licence, Rigol S1210 EMI pre-compliance test PC software and TekBox pre-compliance test equipment forms a cost effective EMC pre-compliance test system.

RF Signal Generators

There are two series of Rigol RF Signal generators - The DSG800 series and the DSG3000 series. The compact and low cost DSG800 series has 1.5GHz and 3GHz models. The DSG3000 series has 3GHz and 6GHz models, available with or without a vector modulation capability. The 'IQ' models include a versatile data source with baseband data output. Options include a power meter controller (DSG3000 only), pulse train generator and high stability reference oscillator.

Function / Arbitrary Waveform Generators

Rigol's Function / Arbitrary Waveform Generators use Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) technology to generate precise, pure, low distortion signals. Each series has various built-in standard waveforms, arbitrary waveforms and modulation functions. Most have a burst facility. The DG5000 series is capable of frequency hopping and IQ modulation. The arbitrary waveform feature allows engineers to generate any desired waveform using Ultra Station (DG1000Z, DG4000 & DG5000 series) or Ultra Wave (DG1000 series) - Rigol's free waveform editing software.

Digital Multimeters

There are three models in the Rigol DM3000 series of high precision, multi-functional, bench-top, digital multimeters (DMMs): The DM3058E and DM3058 are 5½ digit models and the DM3068 is a 6½ digit model. In addition to all of the normal features expected from a DMM, each model has a double display capability, possesses an abundance of mathematical operations, can store both the measurement data and the instrument configuration onto a USB stick and has a choice of remote communications interfaces.

Data Acquisition Systems

The Rigol M300 data acquisition, monitoring and logging system is a low cost, user-friendly, compact and modular solution for situations that would otherwise require several digital multimeters. Automatically log and analyse the results (locally or remotely) of repetitive measurements (e.g. voltage, frequency, resistance, temperature) from several points within a circuit, assembly or process, as done during product design validation, production or burn-in tests. The Rigol M301 and Rigol M302 are packages based upon the Rigol M300 that offer even better value for money. Now available with the flexible and powerful Multi-Channel Process System (MCPS) software for long term monitoring applications.

Programmable Linear DC Power Supplies

The Rigol DP700 series and DP800 series are a collection of bench-top, linear (ultra low ripple and noise) and programmable DC power supplies packed with useful features including: Over-voltage, current and temperature protection, programmable timer, output monitoring, graphical display with statistical analysis, trigger functions (in & out), built-in recorder, self-test, manual calibration and various remote communication interfaces - Features are standard or optional, depending on model.

Programmable DC Electronic Loads

The Rigol DL3000 series of programmable DC electronic loads are cost effective and high performance. Currently there are four models in the range, from 200W to 350W. Each model possesses a user-friendly interface, superb performance specifications and various communications interfaces for remote control and monitoring. A Rigol programmable DC electronic load would be a useful addition to any electronic test and measurement instrument set, but especially so for automotive, aerospace, and fuel cell development.

EMC Pre-Compliance Test Products

The TEKBOX range of EMC pre-compliance test products is a useful complement to the Rigol range of RF signal generators, spectrum analysers and accessories. The TEKBOX range inlcudes LISNs, near-field probes, RF amplifiers and TEM cells. Why take the chance? Reduce the risk of incurring expensive and time consuming formal EMC re-tests by identifying, characterising and fixing your EMC issues with these cost effective tools, prior to formal EMC compliance tests.

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EMC Design Techniques for electronic engineers EMC for Printed Circuit Boards Rigol DG1022A Waveform Generator
EMC Design Techniques for electronic engineers by Keith Armstrong EMC for Printed Circuit Boards by Keith Armstrong Obsolete from 03/12/18, replacement DG822
Rigol DG1022A = 25MHz 2Ch 100MSa/s
Rigol DG1022Z Waveform Generator Rigol DG1032Z Waveform Generator Rigol DG1062Z Waveform Generator
Rigol DG1032Z 30MHz Function / Arbitrary Waveform Generator
Our Price: £424.20 (509.04 inc VAT)
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Rigol DG1062Z 60MHz Function / Arbitrary Waveform Generator
Our Price: £542.85 (651.42 inc VAT)
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Rigol DG1022Z =  25MHz 2Ch 200MSa/s Rigol DG1032Z =  30MHz 2Ch 200MSa/s Rigol DG1062Z = 60MHz 2Ch 200MSa/s
Rigol DG4062 Waveform Generator Rigol DG4102 Waveform Generator Rigol DG4162 Waveform Generator
Rigol DG4062 60MHz Function / Arbitrary Waveform Generator
Our Price: £541.80 (650.16 inc VAT)
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Rigol DG4062 = 60MHz 2Ch 500MSa/s Rigol DG4102 = 100MHz 2Ch 500MSa/s Rigol DG4162 = 160MHz 2Ch 500MSa/s
Rigol DG4202 Waveform Generator Rigol DG5071 Waveform Generator Rigol DG5072 Waveform Generator
Rigol DG4202 =  200MHz 2Ch 500MSa/s Rigol DG5071 = 70MHz 1Ch 1GSa/s Rigol DG5072 = 70MHz 2Ch 1GSa/s
Rigol DG5101 Waveform Generator Rigol DG5102 Waveform Generator Rigol DG5251 Waveform Generator
Rigol DG5101 = 100MHz 1Ch 1GSa/s Rigol DG5102 = 100MHz 2Ch 1GSa/s Rigol DG5251 = 250MHz 1Ch 1GSa/s
Rigol DG5252 Waveform Generator Rigol DG5351 Waveform Generator Rigol DG5352 Waveform Generator
Rigol DG5252 = 250MHz 2Ch 1GSa/s Rigol DG5351 = 350MHz 1Ch 1GSa/s Rigol DG5352 = 350MHz 2Ch 1GSa/s
Rigol DG811 Waveform Generator Rigol DG812 Waveform Generator Rigol DG821 Waveform Generator
Rigol DG821 25MHz Single-Channel Function / Arbitrary Waveform Generator
Our Price: £206.85 (248.22 inc VAT)
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Rigol DG811 = 10MHz 1Ch 125MSa/s Rigol DG812 = 10MHz 2Ch 125MSa/s Rigol DG821 = 25MHz 1Ch 125MSa/s
Rigol DG822 Waveform Generator Rigol DG831 Waveform Generator Rigol DG832 Waveform Generator
Rigol DG822 25MHz Dual-Channel Function / Arbitrary Waveform Generator
Our Price: £224.70 (269.64 inc VAT)
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Rigol DG822 = 25MHz 2Ch 125MSa/s Rigol DG831 = 35MHz 1Ch 125MSa/s Rigol DG832 = 35MHz 2Ch 125MSa/s
Rigol DG952 Waveform Generator Rigol DG972 Waveform Generator Rigol DG992 Waveform Generator
Rigol DG972 70MHz Function / Arbitrary Waveform Generator
Our Price: £633.15 (759.78 inc VAT)
1 in stock!
Rigol DG992 100MHz Function / Arbitrary Waveform Generator
Our Price: £813.75 (976.50 inc VAT)
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Rigol DG952 = 50MHz 2Ch 250MSa/s Rigol DG972 = 70MHz 2Ch 250MSa/s Rigol DG992 = 100MHz 2Ch 250MSa/s
Rigol DL3021 Programmable DC Electronic Load Rigol DL3021A Programmable DC Electronic Load Rigol DL3031 Programmable DC Electronic Load
Rigol DL3021 Programmable DC Electronic Load
Our Price: £397.43 (476.92 inc VAT)
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Rigol DL3021A Programmable DC Electronic Load
Our Price: £579.60 (695.52 inc VAT)

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Rigol DL3031 Programmable DC Electronic Load
Our Price: £868.35 (£1,042.02 inc VAT)
10% off standard list only whilst stock lasts £824.25 (989.10 inc VAT)
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Savings: £52.92
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Rigol DL3021 = 200W 150V 40A 15kHz 2.5A/µs Rigol DL3021A = 200W 150V 40A 30kHz 3.0A/µs Rigol DL3031 = 350W 150V 60A 15kHz 2.5A/µs