Rigol UPA-DS Ultra Power Analyser PC Software Licence

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Power supplies are found in almost every electrical system and electronic device. The performance of a power supply can have a profound effect upon the overall performance and reliability of equipment and systems. It would be prudent, therefore, for power supply designers and manufacturers to characterise and evaluate their designs and production models in full.

Rigol Ultra Power Analyser is a PC application for the measurement and analysis of switch-mode power supplies. It forms part of a Rigol power supply analysis system – The other components required to complete a system are; a Rigol oscilloscope (MSO/DS2000A series, MSO/DS4000 series, MSO5000 series, DS6000 series, MSO/DS7000 series or MSO8000 series), a Rigol high voltage differential probe, a Rigol current probe and a Rigol passive probe.

Download Ultra Power Analyser for FREE using the link found under the ‘DOCUMENTS, SOFTWARE & VIDEOS’ tab. Ultra Power Analyser will time-out after a trial period. Purchase this software licence to unlock Ultra Power Analyser, permanently. The Rigol DPA-DS Ultra Power Analyser PC software licence is supplied with a Rigol RPA246 Deskew Fixture and a USB cable.

Each licence contains a unique product key. The product key is used to generate a software licence code that is used to activate your software. To generate a Rigol software licence code using your Rigol product key, please see HERE. Installed software licence codes are unaffected by Rigol software updates.


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