Rigol PA-DSA875 Preamplifier Licence

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Built-in preamplifier option for Rigol DSA875 and DSA875-TG spectrum analysers.

A preamplifier reduces the displayed average noise level giving better visibility of signals close to the noise floor.

Each licence contains a unique product key. The product key is used to generate a software licence code that must be entered into your instrument. To generate a Rigol software licence code using your Rigol product key, please see HERE. Installed software licence codes are permanent – They are unaffected by Rigol firmware updates.

Please note…

A preamplifier has been supplied as standard on all Rigol DSA800 series spectrum analysers from 13Apr17. Only Rigol DSA875(-TG) spectrum analysers purchased before this date will require this licence to permanently activate the preamplifier.


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