Rigol BAG-G1 Soft Carry Bag

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Soft carry bag for Rigol MSO/DS2000A series oscilloscopes, Rigol DG4000 series function / arbitrary waveform generators, Rigol DSA700 series spectrum analysers and Rigol DSA800 series spectrum analysers.
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7 reviews for Rigol BAG-G1 Soft Carry Bag

  1. Stephen N

    Bag just about fits the MSO5000 with the FPC on with the optional side padding removed. Has enough room for probes but not much room for the mains cable UK plug! 🙁 but all in all very happy.

  2. Stuart

    Ocilloscope case
    perfect bag to protect the scope
    pricey but very good quality

  3. Mathew L

    Great bag for DS2072a
    Great quality bag, well made and thick padding so will protect your scope the Only downside is it is a little too highly priced. would be better at half the cost.

  4. Keith W

    Rigol BAG-G1 Soft Carry Bag, very poor quality
    I have had my first BAG-G1 a little over a year now and it is very underused.
    However I have now found the stitching that holds straps of the lid catches starting to come away.
    On a closer inspection it is actually the leather that has split all the way along the entire width of the strap.
    Using the bag is now so risky due to the strap that has now just about snapped that it is unusable.
    This is now my second bag and at GBP 130 a bag, I sincerely hope this second bag lasts longer than just over a year!
    I think if the bag was heavily used you’d be very lucky to get more than a few months use before the stitching cuts through both straps that keep the lid closed!
    If Rigol want evidence of this I am happy to supply photos!

  5. Robert D

    G1 Soft Carry Bag
    The carry case is superb. I had expected the DSA815 – TG to be an extremely tight fit, from what I had read about it, being designed for the RIGOL DSO scope range. However, it fits like a glove and is well padded. There is also a strap inside to secure the instrument. The three zip pockets are great for carrying leads, couplers and other bits and pieces. The fabric of the case and the stitching is good quality and looks like it should last the lifetime of the instrument. My only concern is about the plastic clips that secure the lid. They are a larger version of the clips often used to secure golf club bags to their trolleys, the MALE part of these quite often fatigues and breaks in the golf version. But this component on the G1 case is larger and easily removable and should be available as a spare, hopefully. I am very impressed and would recommend it to anyone.

  6. John

    A fine accessory for the DSA 815 TG. This bag should offer good protection for the instrument. Same comments about the smell.

    Telonic comment: Thanks for your kind review on the Rigol BAG-G1 Carry Case.

  7. Andrew H

    Case BAG-G1
    Well made bag, holds the DSA815TG securely and has enough pockets for ancillaries.

    Telonic comment: Thanks for your kind review on the Rigol BAG-G1 Carry Case.

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