Atten ST-80 Premium ESD Safe Soldering Iron 80W

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Atten ST-80 Soldering Iron

Atten’s NEW ST80 ESD SAFE high performance 80W soldering iron is fitted with a high quality four wire ceramic heater featuring an adjustable temperature range from 150 – 450 °C. Designed with safety in mind this high performance soldering station is being widely used in production, education, research and development.

Pack includes: base station, soldering iron with tip (900-B), iron stand, power cord, cleaning sponge and instruction manual


  • Output power 80W
  • LCD display screen
  • Modern ergonomic design
  • 3 memory buttons for quickly store and retrieve frequently used temperature values
  • Microprocessor controlled temperature calibration for increased accuracy
  • Smart recognition of in-use and idle status
  • Intelligent cooling and temperature recovery
  • Automatic standby and shutdown for safety and extended life
  • Well designed menu for simpler system setting
  • Analogue status bar indicates heating up status
  • Temperature lock for production line management
  • Adjustable standby and shutdown time for energy saving
  • Audible button Touchtone with on/off control
  • Low-voltage iron heater completely isolated from the power supply
  • Separate iron stand saves room and makes soldering station placement easier


ST-80 Specifications
Model ST-80
Voltage 230VAC 50Hz
Power 80W
Heater Voltage 28VAC
Temperature Range 150-480°C/302-896°F
Temperature Offset Range ±50°C/±90°F
Temperature Stability ±2°C(in still air, no load)
Automatic stand-by time 1-120 minutes
Automatic shutdown time 1-120 minutes
Temperature Adjustment 5 digits (default)/ 1 digit (fine-tuning)
Heater High Quality Four-Core Wire Heater
Tip-to-ground impedance <2ΩΩ
Tip-to-ground voltage <2mV
Dimensions 175(L) * 115(W) * 95(H)mm

Note* Specifications are liable to change. For the full list of Specifications, please see the products datasheet located under the ‘Documentation’ tab.

8 reviews for Atten ST-80 Premium ESD Safe Soldering Iron 80W

  1. Graeme Redwood (verified owner)

    Received on time. Well packaged, as described.

  2. PB (verified owner)

    I looked around for many many months but Telonic and Atten technology were the only two companies I decided to go with regarding purchasing a soldering station and accessories purely based on Telonic customer service and Atten brilliant extremely high level of detail fantastic manufacturing process multiple variety of parts at a reasonable cost and I could see a longevity continuous relationship with continuous high standard manufacturing standards

  3. PB (verified owner)

    Anyway let me calm down a bit the machine the Atten ST-80 is incredible what drew me to this product was the YouTube video regarding their quality control and fantastic build quality. The build quality is fantastic, soldering tips are multiple fantastically made the machine heats up in 30 seconds to 350°C the machine has SleepMode the machine has shut down mode what more do you need. But the most important thing is quality control bill quality and what matters to me most of all is a company that I consider to have longevity High standards of manufacturing testing communication

  4. PB (verified owner)

    Telonic even matched the price I threw at them seriously no joke they matched it I was shocked no questions asked within minutes they had adjusted their pricing on their website to match the website in question, the website I had told them had a better priceTelonic matched the price, unbelievable it was matched within literally three minutes.
    I was expecting like a 3 or 4 days wait and reply this was done within three minutes or less, I am not on a commission from this company nothing of the sort,

  5. PB (verified owner)

    The reason why I have chosen to leave a feedback here is simply based on Telonic customer help, let me explain I made multiple enquiries Telonic never became frustrated they assisted me in my needs, Telonic were polite courteous helpful many companies these days are not, I am not gaining anything from this review I have no commission I have no relationship with the company I am simply a customer like you seriously. However this company Telonic delivered, these days many companies are very hostile angry aggressive rude dismissive and actually don’t even reply back to your Emails. The words I choose to sum up this company is they are warm friendly and helpful. They go out of their way to assist you and they do that.

  6. David W

    A really easy soldering station to use with good instructions. I completed a project using this station with ease. I would recommend this product and Telonic to a friend.

  7. Derrick W

    very good quality, fits nicely on my work top, just the right size, found it easy to use.

  8. Dr HWO

    After years of struggling with a low quality soldering iron, its a revelation to have the adjustability and light touch of a good quality soldering station. I’m to hold the handle with the accuracy of a pen. I’m able to work for longer without fatigue or fall off in accuracy. A good, safe investment.

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