JBC NASE-2C Nano Rework Soldering Station

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The JBC Nase, 230V, 0.5A,  is the best solution for repairing very small-sized components requiring the highest precision such as chips 0402, 0201, 01005, etc.
It works simultaneously with the JBC NT115-A Nano Handpiece and the JBC AN115 Steady Nano Tweezers.
The short distance from the tip to the handle offers maximum control even when using a microscope.
The JBC NASE-C comes with the new Temperature Dynamic Profiles functionality.
The use of these profiles allows you to control the temperature of the component during all the phases of the soldering process, emulating the heating process in a reflow oven.

Product Includes:

  • JBC NAE Control Unit
  • JBC AN115-A Adjustable Nano Tweezers
  • JBC NT115-A Nano Handle
  • JBC P-405 Pedal

JBC Cartridges included:

  • C115-101 x1, C115-103 x1, C115-105 x2, C115-107 x1, C115-112 x1, C115-113 x2


  • Voltage: 230V
  • Input Fuse: 0.5A
  • Output Peak Power: 14W per tool
  • Temperature Selection: 90-450 ºC (190-840 ºF)
  • Idle temp. stability (still air): ±3 ºC (±5.5 ºF)
  • Tip to ground resistance: <2 ohms
  • Ambient operating temp: 10-40 ºC (50-104 ºF)
  • Communication connectors: USB-A / USB-B / Pedal
  • Robot Connector: RJ12 for RS-232 protocol
  • ESD safe
  • Net Weight: 2.49 kg (5.49lb)
  • Dimensions: 170 x 90 x 135mm
  • Package weight: 2.99 kg (6.59lb)
  • Package dimensions: 280 x 280 x 164mm
NASE-2C Specifications
Model NASE-2C
Selectable Temperature 90 to 450 ºC / 190 to 840 ºF
Tip to ground resistance < 2 ohms
Tip to ground voltage < 2 mV RMS
Peak power
14 W per tool – 8.5 V
Ambient operating temp.
10 to 50 ºC / 50 to 120 ºF
Dimensions 170 x 90 x 135 mm
Weight 2.50kg

Note* Specifications are liable to change. For the full list of Specifications, please see the products datasheet located under the ‘Documentation’ tab.