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How do I check my DSA is working properly?
Follow these instructions showing you how to do some quick checks on performance. You'll know what performance to expect. They start with a handy factory reset and calibrate.
Is there an attenuator built-in on RIGOL's DSA815?
Yes, but you should still take care never to exceed the DSA815's max input power or voltage (+20dBm or 100mW and 50VDC abs. max - pulsed waveforms can easily exceed this e.g. direct from a LISN - see
I just received mine… how can I tell if it's working OK?
First follow the procedure for Factory Reset. Then check the noise performance is as it should be. You will need a carefuly sequence of settings for this… use the quick video tip on our RIGOL pages.
EMC Precompliance: Testing on a budget
EMC Precompliance: Testing on a budget Date:29.05.2012 Solution: Almost any electronic design slated for commercial use is subject to EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) testing. Any company int
When installing Ultra Sigma I get a message PC telling me to install NIVISA / VISA Runtime engine. What am i doing wrong?
If you wish to use UltraSigma (PC driver set) you may be invited to install the National Instruments VISA/IVI drivers FIRST (industry-wide driver architecture for instrument). If you wish to procee
RIGOL DG4062 Wave generator simulates heartbeat, for life-saving pacemaker medical technology... with help of RIGOL-UK's Team Telonic Instruments Ltd.
-- An example illustration of Twelve-lead ECG of a 26-year-old male A cost-beating means of simulating heart beats has emerged as another new application for, this time using a RIGOL w
RIGOL 3GHz Spectrum Analyser - Applications insights from RIGOL-UK's customers.
1. Simple modulation testing above UHF. First I get straight on with monitoring typical modulation sidebands, I’m at 2,320MHz with DSA1030A-TG3 - a performance spectrum analyser from RIGOL incor
How do I add a horizontal Display Line to my DSA screen?
There is a handy video reminder here showing many functions you can use on your DSA - many are under-used so don't miss out on them check it for some useful features!
How do I connect my instrument via my LAN to UltraSigma PC Software?
First of all, ensure your instrument as the option for LAN connection and ensure you have a PC running the latest version of UltraSigma download from RIGOL and this PC is successfully connected to the
USB stick / flash drive / memory sticks must fully compliant with USB2.0* standard compliant w/Win7 - Info on good sticks, esp. earlier models:
We have found many instruments to be fussy about USB sticks (more common on instruments of slightly longer-standing design). Like PictBridge standard, USB memory specs can be quite open to interpretat