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Can I get Rigol firmware updates?
Yes - You can download the latest official Rigol firmware, without the need to register, from the Rigol China website here... Alternatively, yo
What about RIGOL battery and portable use? Can you run RIGOL Scopes and Spectrum Analysers from Battery or portable UPS Power Supplies?
Running the DSA815 from a battery (see also comment about other instruments) Although the size and weight of the DSA800's make it attractive for use in locations where there is no pow
RIGOL scope has a message on screen saying WAIT (in green). All channels ON but I see no signal being displayed. Is this effect to do with triggering?
Yes, you’re right: a WAIT status message is normal behaviour for the Trigger when the scope is not being given quite the right signal for its trigger to fire: - You’ll probably remember on all
RIGOL DG4062 Wave generator simulates heartbeat, for life-saving pacemaker medical technology... with help of RIGOL-UK's Team Telonic Instruments Ltd.
-- An example illustration of Twelve-lead ECG of a 26-year-old male A cost-beating means of simulating heart beats has emerged as another new application for, this time using a RIGOL w
RIGOL 3GHz Spectrum Analyser - Applications insights from RIGOL-UK's customers.
1. Simple modulation testing above UHF. First I get straight on with monitoring typical modulation sidebands, I’m at 2,320MHz with DSA1030A-TG3 - a performance spectrum analyser from RIGOL incor
Getting started with Rigol PC Software Tools
To view a list of all Rigol PC software applications, click HERE . To view a list of the versions of Rigol PC software applications currently available for download from this website, click
Using a Rigol product key to generate a Rigol software licence code.
The Rigol software licence code generator can be found here... Please note... You must enter the product key exactly as
Are there any independent reviews of RIGOL Spectrum Analysers like DSA815 in the UK?
Yes, RSGB's RADCOM reviewed the DSA815-TG. (The relevant issue is RADCOM May 2013 pp36-39 N.B. accidentally omitted from the issue contents page !) There's lots of good comment about this from leading
Is there an attenuator built-in on RIGOL's DSA815?
Yes, but you should still take care never to exceed the DSA815's max input power or voltage (+20dBm or 100mW and 50VDC abs. max - pulsed waveforms can easily exceed this e.g. direct from a LISN - see
How do radio amateurs use RIGOL's DSA815? And for what kinds of applications?
Some simple examples of useful Radio Club application: An FM Broadcast Station was causing interference to our 2m to 4m transverter. This corresponded to an FM station which was recently launched. The
After receiving my instrument(s), what should I do with my RIGOL Warranty Card?
There is no need to take any action regarding the warranty card supplied with your Rigol product. Your purchase has been recorded at Telonic Instruments. Your warranty begins from the date of del
What file formats does RIGOL use for storage of waveforms etc? What is the different between Trace and Waveform?
RIGOL uses many Storage Types and Telonic Ltd. has added this description to To access, on oscilloscopes for example, press [Storage] to select the desired storage type. The defau
X-Y Display mode on Scopes - additional features with RIGOL DS1000Z-series oscilloscope (DS1074, DS1074Z-S, DS1104Z, DS1104Z-S)
New DS1000Z series offers more in X-Y mode: In this mode, the Rigol DS1074Z oscilloscope changes 2 of the 4 channels from voltage-time display mode to voltage-voltage display mode. The
Rigol PC Software Summary
Please note... Ultra Sigma - All Rigol PC software requires Ultra Sigma to be installed beforehand, except Ultra Wave. Trial Licences - Rigol PC software that requires a licen
Rigol PC Software Versions
The table below lists the versions of Rigol PC software applications that are currently available for download from this Rigol-UK website. To find a download for your instrument... Go to th
Can I get IVI drivers for my Rigol test equipment?
Yes - You can download the latest IVI driver for your Rigol test equipment here...
Is logging software included with RIGOL DM-series multimeters? What rate does it capture my readings to PC?
Yes, UltraSensor software is included - it can be installed on PC (after driver-install) to log readings directly to PC. - you can save as a CSV file (for import to e.g. Microsoft Excel - you can gra
How can I use Ultra Sigma to grab data from my RIGOL Scope? E.g. CSV file for viewing in Excel?
First of all, install and run Ultra Sigma, - Then make sure you can see your scope (Type shown in the Instruments window of Ultra Sigma) - AND that the scope response with its serial number to a *IDN?
AMK: What do you get with the DSA Advanced Measurement Kit ? (DSA1000-AMK)
Advanced Measurement Functions Option DSA1000-AMK provides plenty of advanced measurement functions including T-Power (Time domain Power), ACP (Adjacent Channel Power), Chan Pwr (Channel Power), OBW
I just received mine… how can I tell if it's working OK?
First follow the procedure for Factory Reset. Then check the noise performance is as it should be. You will need a carefuly sequence of settings for this… use the quick video tip on our RIGOL pages.