TEKBOX TBPS1WA2/40 Near-Field Probe Set & 40dB Amplifier

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This near-field probe set contains 3-off magnetic (H) field probes, 1-off electric (E) field probe, a 40dB wideband amplifier (TekBox type TBWA2/40dB) and all interconnecting cables (RF and power) – Everything you need to get operational with a Rigol Spectrum Analyser.

The H20, H10, H5 and E5 are magnetic field (H) and electric field (E) probes for radiated emissions EMC pre-compliance measurements. The probes are used in the near-field of sources of electromagnetic radiation. They serve to locate and identify potential sources of interference within the building blocks of electronic assemblies.

The probes act similar to wideband antennas, picking up radiated emissions from components, PCB tracks, housing openings or gaps and from any other parts that could be emitting RF energy. Scanning a probe over the surface of a PCB assembly or housing quickly identifies locations which emit electromagnetic radiation. By changing to a probe with a smaller size, the source of the emissions can be narrowed down further.

The probes can also be used for for RF immunity tests, by feeding a RF signal into the probe and radiating it into potentially susceptible areas of the circuit. Furthermore, the probes can be used for repair or debugging, to track down issues in RF circuits by non-contact measurement of RF signal levels.

The TBWA2/40dB wideband amplifier can be connected between a probe and the spectrum analyser to increase the dynamic range of the measurements.





TBPS1-TBWA2 datasheets

User Manual

Tekbox TBPS01-TBWA2 User Manual


3 reviews for TEKBOX TBPS1WA2/40 Near-Field Probe Set & 40dB Amplifier

  1. MB

    Very useful indeed
    OK limited to relatively high frequencies (Amp low end is 3MHz) but none the less allow detection of signals with no perceivable load on the line. So avoids that “fixed the problem by applying the probe” issue.
    lets you very quickly follow a signal across a PCB.
    A bit of trial and error to judge how much the wave is distorted especially as very sensitive to probe angle (as it should be)
    Amusing to see where RF leaks out as well which they work well for. Probably the intended purpose. But not a great concern to me.

    Intended, I think for spectrum analyser but also gets a very reasonable waveform on a scope (4000 series).

    Good value for money compared to competitors. Delivered next day as in stock item always seem to be.

  2. pete s

    TEKBOX test
    Bought to accompany DSA815TG – good value – quite reasonable noise floor – handy for EMC probes & external ETS-LINDGREN current probe [which was more expensive than SA & probe kit together!] Box great quality – foam machined well – probes reasonably tough – altogether cant fault on first try or setup.

  3. Barry N

    Very Happy
    The probe set arrived the day after I ordered it, in a nice little wooden box. I tested all 4 probes immediately and was very happy with the results.

    Further testing has confirmed this again. The probes have been in constant use to help me solve a tricky EMC problem.

    10/10 would buy again

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