Rigol VB1080 2GHz to 8GHz VSWR Bridge

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Add a Rigol VSWR bridge to a Rigol spectrum analyser with a built-in tracking generator to make S11 (input VSWR, input return loss) or S22 (output VSWR, output return loss) measurements. The Rigol VB1080 2GHz to 8GHz VSWR bridge is compatible with the Rigol DSA875-TG spectrum analyser. It connects directly to the front of Rigol spectrum analysers, without the need for cables, for convenience and improved accuracy.

Please Note…

The Rigol VSWR-DSA800, VSWR measurement software, is included with the Rigol VB1080 VSWR bridge. This software is compatible with Rigol DSA800 series spectrum analysers (i.e. Not Rigol DSA1000 series spectrum analysers).


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