Rigol SD-DS2000 Serial Bus Decoding Licence

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RS232, I2C & SPI bus decoding licence for the DS2000A series digital oscilloscopes and MSO2000A series mixed signal oscilloscopes.

Each licence contains a unique product key. The product key is used to generate a software licence code that must be entered into your instrument. To generate a Rigol software licence code using your Rigol product key, please see HERE. Installed software licence codes are permanent – They are unaffected by Rigol firmware updates.

1 review for Rigol SD-DS2000 Serial Bus Decoding Licence

  1. Graeme G

    I bought my DS2102 and the RS232 decoding option from telonic. The scope about a year ago and the decode option a few days ago.

    On both occasions, Telonic went out of their way to get it to me next day.

    Very friendly and helpful and will always buy from you.

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