Rigol S1210 EMI Pre-Compliance Test PC Software Licence

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The Rigol S1210 EMI pre-compliance test PC software and a Rigol spectrum analyser (DSA700 series, DSA800 series, DSA1000 series, RSA3000 series or RSA5000 series) forms the basis of a cost effective EMC pre-compliance test system. The Rigol S1210 PC software supersedes the ‘EMI Test System’ PC software previously available from Rigol.

For detailed information, please refer to the following documents that can be found under the ‘Documentation’ tab:

A datasheet
A features comparison table (between the latest version and the previous version)
A brochure

Try before you buy – Rigol S1210 EMI Pre-Compliance Test PC software can be downloaded for FREE. The software has a built-in ‘demo’ mode that can be used without a licence.

Please note…

To use the Rigol S1210 EMI Pre-Compliance Test PC software, the Rigol spectrum analyser must have an active ‘EMI filter and quasi-peak detector’ licence (EMI-DSA800). However, an EMI-DSA800 licence is not needed when the S1210 software is used in ‘demo’ mode.

1 review for Rigol S1210 EMI Pre-Compliance Test PC Software Licence

  1. David H

    S1210 EMI Pre-Compliance Software
    Having installed it there were one or two obvious problems. The software recognised the DSA815 with EMI but every time it was asked to perform a sweep at say 9kHz bandwidth it would say the test instrument was not capable and immediately switch the EMI function off. This is at present waiting a response from RIGOL USA help centre.
    The help functions, like Windows, seem to have all the answers for all the questions you never need to ask but the ones you do, have no reference whatsoever.
    A good example is how to display two traces for comparison.
    Eventually discovered in set reference pull down!
    Another annoying thing is the frequency axis display being in exponential figures when everywhere else the data is entered in normal decade Hz.
    When I get the EMI function working it should be ok but it needs a lot of refining to bring it up to a satisfactory standard in my opinion.
    Waiting in anticipation for the next revision!!

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