Discontinued – Rigol DS1104Z 100MHz Digital Oscilloscope

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Discontinued, Replaced with DS1104Z PLUS

Buy this Rigol MSO/DS1000Z series oscilloscope and get ALL software options…
(deeper memory, record & replay, advanced trigger functions and serial-bus analysis)
… for FREE (worth £205 + VAT)!

The DS1104Z from Rigol sets the new standard for economic Digital Oscilloscopes aimed at the individual user / small lab bench. Capable of meeting a wide range of applications with its innovative technology, industry leading specifications, powerful trigger functions and broad analysis capabilities, the DS1104Z 4 channel oscilloscope is a 100MHz version with a 7 inch display and Rigol’s UltraVision technology, LAN as standard as well as a host of options. Choose to add the following options: Analysis-record-playback functions, decoding, deep memory to your powerful 4 channel scope. An integrated 2 channel waveform generator is also available on the -S variant at an exceptional price.

For further information, please refer to the ‘SPECIFICATION’ and ‘DOCUMENTS, SOFTWARE & VIDEOS’ tabs, above.

An overview of all Rigol digital oscilloscopes can be found HERE.

This Rigol oscilloscope is also available with…

A built-in 2-channel function / arbitrary waveform generator (DS1104Z-S).
A built-in logic analyser (MSO1104Z).
A built-in logic analyser and a built-in 2-channel function / arbitrary waveform generator (MSO1104Z-S).

10 reviews for Discontinued – Rigol DS1104Z 100MHz Digital Oscilloscope

  1. Alan B

    Rigol DS1104Z
    The Rigol DS1104Z 100MHz Digital Oscilloscope is a Great wee scope for the money, Lots of features four probes and USB cable included on screen help explains what each feature does, You can check four signals at once, Very easy to use It has a nice bright clear screen. Highly Recommend

  2. emile s

    Entry level user
    I’m a hobbyist that was looking for a decent oscilloscope, for too long I didn’t know what was going on in my circuits.

    So I did my research and settled on the Rigol over the Tek. The rigol-uk site provided a good break down of the various models to choose from but I still did more research on which options were right for me.

    I had a little trouble with payment confirmation but on calling them they quickly resolved the issue and confirmed the order had gone through.

    The delivery was quick and undamaged. Everything boxed as new even though they had tested it and provided certification.

    As a beginner new I actually read the manual and watched a couple of videos on calibrating the probes which was easy enough.

    All round great service. Plus a free gift with the purchase.

  3. Natashya R

    Great Product
    Really great product for the price, pleased with purchase and fantastic service from Rigol.

  4. Paul

    First Impressions DS1104Z
    Ordering and delivery where excellent

    The machine seems to work as expected but needs a lot more time to get familiar.

    The “free software” installed and the cover note are a little scary.
    The computer software is confusing as is any help from the Rigol site to tell you what it is supposed to do . THIS NEEDS BETTER DOCUMENTATION and some form of tutorial system for new users and people who have forgotten.

    Time will tell on the rest……

    Telonic comment: Thanks for your kind review on the Rigol DS1104Z oscilloscope.

  5. Stuart

    Excellent scope. Put simply, its the best value DSO I’ve ever used. You can’t go wrong with one of these.

    Telonic comment: Thanks for your kind review on the Rigol DS1104Z oscilloscope.

  6. Ian W

    Rigol DS1104Z Digital Oscilloscope
    Very good value for money.
    Service was good. Phone queries handled well and with knowledge of product and other options available.
    Good job. Thanks.

    Telonic comment: Thanks for your kind review on the Rigol DS1104Z oscilloscope.

  7. darren h

    My experience with the DS1104Z
    Hi Everyone,

    The Rigol DS1104Z is well built and feels and looks like quality and is equiped with a vast array of features particularly on the measurement side of things, which scores very highly in this regard. The user manual is a pdf document on cd and I have to say it isn’t brilliant which is partly compensated by rigol ‘s DS1104Z logical ease of use. One problem I had was the pictbridge feature and theres very little said about printing waveforms in the user manual.
    I cannot get into the nitty gritty here but with alot of dedication and process of elimination I have the pictbridge working, alternatively some my prefer to save their waveforms direct to pen drive in various file formats e.g., BMP8,BMP24,PNG and JPEG and so on, then load them into windows picture/fax viewer for printing or manipulation.
    All in all, I’m pleased with my DS1104Z and I look forward to using it in the future, I think I chose the right scope over the competion scopes currently on offer.

  8. Blake R

    Excellent Piece of Equipment [RIGOL-uk DS1104Z ]
    A good piece of kit at a very reasonable price indeed.

    The oscilloscope (new DS1000-Z series] is well constructed and shallow enough to sit on my work bench (which makes a nice change from the mile-long analogue variety). There are small feet at the front which can be pulled down to tilt the scope backwards, which is a nice touch. Screen is good quality and actually looks much better in real life than in any photos. Sample rate is good enough for all my purposes, and there are many useful measurements; admittedly I’ve only really used frequency, rise-time and duty.

    The UK distributor that sold me this device (Telonic Instruments) dispatched the scope extremely quickly, and have been very helpful indeed.

  9. Steve S

    New Customer Order
    Very good service, I needed an Oscilloscope and they were able to talk me through the best product for what I needed and provide that item for me with next day delivery.

  10. Chris

    Scope upgrade
    Early days but the DS1104Z is a vast improvement on my earlier Siglent digital scope. It will take some time to digest all the facilities but I look forward to endless “fun” with it!

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