Discontinued – Rigol DS1074Z 70MHz Digital Oscilloscope

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Discontinued, Replaced with DS1074Z PLUS

Buy this Rigol MSO/DS1000Z series oscilloscope and get ALL software options…
(deeper memory, record & replay, advanced trigger functions and serial-bus analysis)
… for FREE (worth £205 + VAT)!

An excellent small flexible platform for individual users, the DS1074Z is one of the budget range of DS1000Z Digital Oscilloscopes from Rigol. It offers exceptional performance and features for the price, powerful trigger functions and broad analysis capabilities. The DS1074Z 4 channel oscilloscope is the 70MHz version with a 7 inch display and Rigol’s UltraVision technology as well as a host of options. Choose to add the following options: Analysis-record-playback functions, decoding, deep memory to your powerful 4 channel scope. An integrated 2 channel waveform generator is also available on the -S variant at an exceptional price.

For further information, please refer to the ‘SPECIFICATION’ and ‘DOCUMENTS, SOFTWARE & VIDEOS’ tabs, above.

An overview of all Rigol digital oscilloscopes can be found HERE.

This Rigol oscilloscope is also available with…

A built-in 2-channel function / arbitrary waveform generator (DS1074Z-S).
A built-in logic analyser (MSO1074Z).
A built-in logic analyser and a built-in 2-channel function / arbitrary waveform generator (MSO1074Z-S).

9 reviews for Discontinued – Rigol DS1074Z 70MHz Digital Oscilloscope

  1. Chris M

    Rigol DS1074Z 70MHz DSO
    I am generally pleased with the instrument, but the firmware could do with a little work:
    * The ‘acceleration’ algorithm on the twiddle knobs sometimes goes a bit wild and it is easy to ‘lose your place’. So you have to turn slowly.
    * A couple of times then instrument has ‘crashed’ with some of the controls no longer responding
    * It is irritating that such a large font is used on the I2C analysis, you have to zoom in a lot to see the bus address, and this means constant tromboning for a trace of any length.

    BUT on the whole, the thing is a remarkably useful tool – and I’ve only just started to learn of its extensive capabilities.

    If the firmware was a bit more polished I’d have no hesitation in giving it five stars.

  2. Stephen

    The oscilloscope work very well, all functions are tested. The math functions on the left are really handy, also easy to navigate through the menu.
    Overall, the oscilloscope performance is very good for the price.


    Oscilloscope DS1074Z
    Remarkable value for money.
    Exceptionally fast delivery.
    Thank you very much.

    Telonic comment: Thanks for your kind review on the Rigol DS1074Z oscilloscope.

  4. Anthony

    DS1074 Scope and after-sales service
    I am very pleased with the whole experience of buying this scope from Rigol-UK.

    The scope has proven to be very capable and I have used it to repair faults on old computers. It is very easy to transition to this scope after only having used an analogue scope for some years. The capabilities of the DS1074 are amazing given the price-point, and far exceed the use I expect to put it to.

    After a few weeks use, I noticed some random interference appearing on some channels. An email sent to Telonic was quickly answered, and suggested the cause of the problem straight away, which turned out to be an Ethernet powerline adaptor. Once the adaptor was disconnected, all traces of the interference disappeared and the rock-steady display of the Rigol was restored. Top marks to David for his diagnosis!

    In summary, I would not hesitate to recommend both Rigol and Telonic Instruments for customer service. They will be my first port of call when I am in need of any new equipment.

    Telonic comment: Thanks for your kind review on the Rigol DS1074Z oscilloscope.

  5. Peter

    Advice on the product was very good. Price for the equipment was also great and on receiving the product looks and operates very well although I have only just started to use it.
    Not really a problem but had to download software to extract the files from the disk as they are ‘.rar’ files. Also some functionality of the scope you can try before paying and getting presumably a code to access it. It only shows a number of hours and I feel that the time may run out as it will take awhile to understand the equipment before considering extra functions. Could perhaps make the evaluation time longer or when you where fully conversant with the basic functions could enter a code to give say a months time to look at the extra functions.
    Anyway product looks and feels great and will be ordering more very soon.

    Telonic comment: Thanks for your kind review on the Rigol DS1074Z oscilloscope.

  6. John P

    Rigol 1074Z Oscilloscope
    Had expected to wait a month for delivery but service was excellent and item delivered within 2 weeks. Updates on delivery kept me informed at all times. Delighted with product – excellent value for money.

    Telonic comment: Thanks for your kind review on the Rigol DS1074Z oscilloscope.

  7. Nick R

    DS1074Z Just what was called for
    A very experienced crew who understood exactly what I needed and didn’t over-offer add-ons and unnecessary trinkets.

    I am very satisfied with the performance of both the scope and the supply team. Will definitely be back when the lab needs more equipment.


  8. Scott E

    Perfect cheap scope for random probing
    It has everything you want at a cheap price.

  9. Stuart

    Does exactly what it says on the tin
    An excellent oscilloscope: does everything I had expected and is more than capable for all my current and near future needs. The user interface is intuitive and simple to use, and I found it easy to transition from my past experience of analog oscilloscopes.

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