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X-Y Display mode on Scopes - additional features with RIGOL DS1000Z-series oscilloscope (DS1074, DS1074Z-S, DS1104Z, DS1104Z-S)
Last Updated: 30/05/2014

New DS1000Z series offers more in X-Y mode:

In this mode, the Rigol DS1074Z oscilloscope changes 2 of the 4 channels from voltage-time display mode to voltage-voltage display mode. The phase deviation between two signals with the same frequency can be easily measured via Lissajous method. The figure below shows the measurement schematic diagram of the phase deviation.

To access the Lissajou mode of your oscilloscope press the horizontal menu button, and then change the time scale on the screen to X-Y mode. From here you can choose between CH1-CH2, CH1-CH3, CH1-CH4, CH2-CH3, CH2-CH4 and CH3-CH4 as your inputs.

NOTE: RIGOL's new DS1000Z-series offers two features in X-Y mode: you can still see a condensed normal signal display (Y-T) at the top margin of the screen and you can also access the Trigger Menu in X-Y mode.

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