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How can I use Ultra Sigma to grab data from my RIGOL Scope? E.g. CSV file for viewing in Excel?
Last Updated: 23/12/2013
First of all, install and run Ultra Sigma,
- Then make sure you can see your scope (Type shown in the Instruments window of Ultra Sigma)
- AND that the scope response with its serial number to a *IDN? command. (Rt-click on instrument and choose SCPI Panel Control window, then click Send&Receive a *IDN?)

Once this is OK, Change the setting shown as Base to Advanced (U'Sigma setting drop down next to the word Base - then change Base to Advanced)
- Click Options - set Timeout to 12000 (not 2000) and Bytes To Read to 11024 (not 1024).
- Enter in the command line the commands:
ii) : WAV:DATA? and click Send&Read after each - a bunch of data should now appear in the window below
- Select the second tab below, called Current Return Value (data window)
- Right-click the data and choose Save Current Data To File-> Save for Byte -> Give your CSV file a name

This CSV file can be opened directly in e.g. Excel, to graph data.

NOTE: This grabs the SCREEN datapoints at the time of executing the :WAV:DATA? query. Works whether scope is running or not!
To grab the MEMORY datapoints (which can be much longer and require different Options settings!!) you must first :STOP the scope and ensure your command is in :WAV:MODE RAW.

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