USB stick / flash drive / memory sticks must fully compliant with USB2.0* standard compliant w/Win7 – Info on good sticks, esp. earlier models:

Posted on: July 16th, 2020 by James

We have found many instruments to be fussy about USB sticks (more common on instruments of slightly longer-standing design).

Like PictBridge standard, USB memory specs can be quite open to interpretation and may vary between manufacturers. Please try the following guidelines if you are having difficulty – it is especially important you can rely on the stick you have chosen, if you decide to do any firmware updates on your machine*.

1) Smaller sticks are generally better –
– if you can, on older instruments steer clear of sticks above 4GB
– N.B. For saving DATA only: Newer models may happily accept some much larger sticks for saving data, but RIGOL says avoid larger sticks for critical use.
2) Use newly formatted FAT32 sticks only
3) Check your stick reliably connects to your particular instrument before relying on it for operational use
4) If you decide to do firmware updates* you should use a new blank stick ROOT and ALWAYS check the stick is reliable in normal save/recall operation before proceeding*.

*firmware updates are at your own risk –
Telonic does not recommend this unless you decide it’s essential. (Ask for more details of our policy before proceeding so you know how this affects your RIGOL-UK warranty from Telonic).