Rigol DS1000Z Series Digital Oscilloscopes

Buy a new Rigol DS1000Z series oscilloscope and get ALL software options …
(deeper memory, record & replay, advanced trigger functions and serial-bus analysis)
… for FREE!

Bandwidth: 50MHz, 70MHz, 100MHz, 200MHz | Channels: 2/4 + 16 (Opt) | Max Sample Rate: 1GSa/s

  • 4 Channels As Standard
  • 12Mpts Storage Depth
  • Hardware Waveform Recording and Playback Function
  • Serial Bus Triggering and Decoding
  • Digital Fluorescent Display
  • Mixed Signal Analysis Capability
  • Two 25MHz Signal Sources

The 1000Z Series is RIGOL’s Digital Oscilloscope platform for Basic Visualization. It offers unprecedented value in customer applications with its innovative technology, industry leading specifications, powerful trigger functions and broad analysis capabilities. The 1000Z Series 4 channel oscilloscopes come in 50, 70, or 100 MHz versions with a 7 inch display and RIGOL’s UltraVision technology. It also includes the 200 MHz, 2 Channel DS1202Z-E model. The “-S” models include a 2 channel integrated waveform generator and the PLUS models are upgradable to Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes with the purchase of the RPL1116 digital lead kit. All the analysis, decoding, deep memory, and advanced triggering capabilities are now included in this powerful scope at an exceptional price.

ModelChannelsBandwidthMax Sample RateMemorySignal GeneratorWaveform Refresh RatePrice
DS1054Z450MHz1GSa/s24 MptsN/A30,000 wfms/s£305.00
DS1074Z PLUS 4 + 16 Digital (Opt)70MHz1GSa/s24 MptsN/A30,000 wfms/s£490.00
DS1074Z-S PLUS4 + 16 Digital (Opt)70MHz1GSa/s24 MptsX230,000 wfms/s£662.00
DS1104Z PLUS 4 + 16 Digital (Opt)100MHz1GSa/s24 MptsN/A30,000 wfms/s£617.00
DS1104Z-S PLUS4 + 16 Digital (Opt)100MHz1GSa/s24 MptsX230,000 wfms/s£790.00
DS1102Z-E2100MHz (NEW)1GSa/s24 MptsN/A30,000 wfms/s£269.00
DS1202Z-E2200MHz (NEW)1GSa/s24 MptsN/A30,000 wfms/s£306.00

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