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CB-BNC-060   BNC Cable (0.6m)
CB-BNC-120   BNC Cable (1.2m)
ISBN:978-0-9555118-4-4   EMC Design Techniques for Electronic Engineers - Keith Armstrong
ISBN:978-0-9555118-5-1   EMC for Printed Circuit Boards - Keith Armstrong
MCPS-7027-ALARM   MCPS - Alarm
MCPS-7010-MATH1   MCPS - Basic Maths Module
MCPS-7021-C120   MCPS - Channel Extension to 120 Channels
MCPS-7022-C200   MCPS - Channel Extension to 200 Channels
MCPS-7020-C040   MCPS - Channel Extension to 40 Channels
MCPS-7023-C500   MCPS - Channel Extension to 500 Channels
MCPS-7024-CMX   MCPS - Channel Extension to Unlimited Channels
MCPS-7011-MATH2   MCPS - Extended Maths Module
MCPS-7012-SMS-E   MCPS - SMS / Email
DP10013   Micsig DP10013 High-Voltage Differential Probe
MCPS-7000-RIM3000   Multi-Channel Process System (MCPS) PC Software
CAL-STD-DG1000   RCL Standard Calibration - DG1000 Series
CAL-STD-DG4000   RCL Standard Calibration - DG4000 Series
CAL-STD-DG5000   RCL Standard Calibration - DG5000 Series
CAL-STD-DM3000   RCL Standard Calibration - DM3000 Series
CAL-STD-DS4000E   RCL Standard Calibration - DS4000E Series
CAL-STD-DS6000   RCL Standard Calibration - DS6000 Series
CAL-STD-DSA1000   RCL Standard Calibration - DSA1000
CAL-STD-DSA1000A   RCL Standard Calibration - DSA1000A
CAL-STD-DSA700   RCL Standard Calibration - DSA700
CAL-STD-DSA815   RCL Standard Calibration - DSA815
CAL-STD-DSA832   RCL Standard Calibration - DSA832
CAL-STD-DSA875   RCL Standard Calibration - DSA875
CAL-STD-DSG3000   RCL Standard Calibration - DSG3000 Series
CAL-STD-DSG800   RCL Standard Calibration - DSG800 Series
CAL-STD-DS1000   RCL Standard Calibration - MSO/DS1000 Series
CAL-STD-DS2000A   RCL Standard Calibration - MSO/DS2000A Series
CAL-STD-DS4000   RCL Standard Calibration - MSO/DS4000 Series
CAL-UKAS-DG1000   RCL UKAS Accredited Calibration - DG1000 Series
CAL-UKAS-DG4000   RCL UKAS Accredited Calibration - DG4000 Series
CAL-UKAS-DG5000   RCL UKAS Accredited Calibration - DG5000 Series
CAL-UKAS-DM3000   RCL UKAS Accredited Calibration - DM3000 Series
CAL-UKAS-DP700   RCL UKAS Accredited Calibration - DP700 Series
CAL-UKAS-DP800   RCL UKAS Accredited Calibration - DP800 Series
CAL-UKAS-DS1000   RCL UKAS Accredited Calibration - MSO/DS1000 Series
CAL-UKAS-DS4000E   RCL UKAS Calibration - DS4000E Series
CAL-UKAS-DS6000   RCL UKAS Calibration - DS6000 Series
CAL-UKAS-DSG3000   RCL UKAS Calibration - DSG3000 Series
CAL-UKAS-DSG800   RCL UKAS Calibration - DSG800 Series
CAL-UKAS-DS2000A   RCL UKAS Calibration - MSO/DS2000A Series
CAL-UKAS-DS4000   RCL UKAS Calibration - MSO/DS4000 Series
VBLAB   RF Adapter Kit
ADP0150BNC   Rigol ADP0150BNC 50Ω Impedance Adapter
DP800-AFK   Rigol AFK-DP800 Online Monitor & Analysis Functions Licence
DM3000-ALLI   Rigol ALLIGATORCLIP-DMM Alligator Clips (1-off Black & 1-off Red)
DSA1000-AMK   Rigol AMK-DSA1000 Advanced Measurement Kit Licence
DSA800-AMK   Rigol AMK-DSA800 Advanced Measurement Kit Licence
DG1000Z-MEM   Rigol Arb16M-DG1000Z Deep Memory Licence
ARM   Rigol ARM Desk Mount Instrument Arm
DS1000Z-AT   Rigol AT-DS1000Z Advanced Trigger Functions Licence
DS2000A-AT   Rigol AT-DS2000 Advanced Trigger Functions Licence
ATT03301H   Rigol ATT03301H High Power Attenuator
BAG-DS-1   Rigol BAG-DS1000 Soft Carry Bag
BAG-DSA1000   Rigol BAG-DSA1000 Soft Carry Bag
BAG-G1   Rigol BAG-G1 Soft Carry Bag
DS1000Z-BND   Rigol BND-MSO/DS1000Z Software Options Bundle Licence
DS2000A-BND   Rigol BND-MSO/DS2000A Software Options Bundle Licence
DS4000-BND   Rigol BND-MSO/DS4000 Decoding Options Bundle Licence
DS4000-BW2T3   Rigol BW2T3-MSO/DS4000 Bandwidth Upgrade Licence
DS4000-BW2T5   Rigol BW2T5-MSO/DS4000 Bandwidth Upgrade Licence
DS4000-BW3T5   Rigol BW3T5-MSO/DS4000 Bandwidth Upgrade Licence
DS2000A-CAN   Rigol CAN-DS2000 CAN-Bus Analysis Licence
CB-20A-780MM   Rigol CB-20A-780MM 20A Test Leads
CB-40A-780MM   Rigol CB-40A-780MM 40A Test Leads
CB-60A-780MM   Rigol CB-60A-780MM 60A Test Leads
CB-SENSE   Rigol CB-SENSE Sense Cable
CB-SMB(F)-BNC(F)-100   Rigol CB-SMB-BNC-FF-100 SMB(F) to BNC(F) Cable (1m)
CB-SMB(F)-BNC(M)-100   Rigol CB-SMB-BNC-FM-100 SMB(F) to BNC(M) Cable (1m)
CB-SMB(F)-SMB(F)-100   Rigol CB-SMB-SMB-FF-100 SMB(F) to SMB(F) Cable (1m)
DG5000-POD-A   Rigol DG-POD-A Logic Signal Output Module
DG1022   Rigol DG1022 20MHz Function / Arbitrary Waveform Generator
DG1022A   Rigol DG1022A 25MHz Function / Arbitrary Waveform Generator
DG1022Z   Rigol DG1022Z 25MHz Function / Arbitrary Waveform Generator
DG1032Z   Rigol DG1032Z 30MHz Function / Arbitrary Waveform Generator
DG1062Z   Rigol DG1062Z 60MHz Function / Arbitrary Waveform Generator
DG4062   Rigol DG4062 60MHz Function / Arbitrary Waveform Generator
DG4102   Rigol DG4102 100MHz Function / Arbitrary Waveform Generator
DG4162   Rigol DG4162 160MHz Function / Arbitrary Waveform Generator
DG4202   Rigol DG4202 200MHz Function / Arbitrary Waveform Generator
DG5000-FH   Rigol DG5-FH Frequency Hopping Module Licence
DG5071   Rigol DG5071 70MHz 1-Channel Function / Arbitrary Waveform Generator
DG5072   Rigol DG5072 70MHz 2-Channel Function / Arbitrary Waveform Generator
DG5101   Rigol DG5101 100MHz 1-Channel Function / Arbitrary Waveform Generator
DG5102   Rigol DG5102 100MHz 2-Channel Function / Arbitrary Waveform Generator
DG5251   Rigol DG5251 250MHz 1-Channel Function / Arbitrary Waveform Generator
DG5252   Rigol DG5252 250MHz 2-Channel Function / Arbitrary Waveform Generator
DG5351   Rigol DG5351 350MHz 1-Channel Function / Arbitrary Waveform Generator
DG5352   Rigol DG5352 350MHz 2-Channel Function / Arbitrary Waveform Generator
DL3-DIGITALIO   Rigol DIGITALIO-DL3 Interface Licence
DP800-DIGITALIO   Rigol DIGITALIO-DP800 Trigger Channels Licence
DL3021   Rigol DL3021 Programmable DC Electronic Load
DL3021A   Rigol DL3021A Programmable DC Electronic Load
DL3031   Rigol DL3031 Programmable DC Electronic Load
DL3031A   Rigol DL3031A Programmable DC Electronic Load
DM3058   Rigol DM3058 5½ Digit Digital Multimeter
DM3058E   Rigol DM3058E 5½ Digit Digital Multimeter
DM3068   Rigol DM3068 6½ Digit Digital Multimeter
DP711   Rigol DP711 Linear DC Power Supply (30V/5A)
DP712   Rigol DP712 Linear DC Power Supply (50V/3A)
DP811   Rigol DP811 Linear DC Power Supply (20V/10A or 40V/5A)
DP811A   Rigol DP811A Linear DC Power Supply (20V/10A or 40V/5A)
DP821   Rigol DP821 Linear DC Power Supply (60V/1A & 8V/10A)
DP821A   Rigol DP821A Linear DC Power Supply (60V/1A & 8V/10A)
DP831   Rigol DP831 Linear DC Power Supply (8V/5A & 30V/2A & -30V/2A)
DP831A   Rigol DP831A Linear DC Power Supply (8V/5A & 30V/2A & -30V/2A)
DP832   Rigol DP832 Linear DC Power Supply (30V/3A & 30V/3A & 5V/3A)
DP832A   Rigol DP832A Linear DC Power Supply (30V/3A & 30V/3A & 5V/3A)
DS1000D-TK   Rigol DS1000D-Training Kit
DS1052D   Rigol DS1052D 50MHz Mixed Signal Oscilloscope
DS1052E   Rigol DS1052E 50MHz Digital Oscilloscope
DS1054Z   Rigol DS1054Z 50MHz Digital Oscilloscope
DS1074B   Rigol DS1074B 70MHz Digital Oscilloscope
DS1074Z   Rigol DS1074Z 70MHz Digital Oscilloscope
DS1074Z-Plus   Rigol DS1074Z Plus 70MHz Digital Oscilloscope - MSO Ready
DS1074Z-S   Rigol DS1074Z-S 70MHz Digital Oscilloscope & Signal Generator
DS1074Z-S-Plus   Rigol DS1074Z-S Plus 70MHz Digital Oscilloscope & Signal Generator - MSO Ready
DS1102D   Rigol DS1102D 100MHz Mixed Signal Oscilloscope
DS1102E   Rigol DS1102E 100MHz Digital Oscilloscope
DS1104B   Rigol DS1104B 100MHz Digital Oscilloscope
DS1104Z   Rigol DS1104Z 100MHz Digital Oscilloscope
DS1104Z-Plus   Rigol DS1104Z Plus 100MHz Digital Oscilloscope - MSO Ready
DS1104Z-S   Rigol DS1104Z-S 100MHz Digital Oscilloscope & Signal Generator
DS1104Z-S-Plus   Rigol DS1104Z-S Plus 100MHz Digital Oscilloscope & Signal Generator - MSO Ready
DS1204B   Rigol DS1204B 200MHz Digital Oscilloscope
DS2072A   Rigol DS2072A 70MHz Digital Oscilloscope
DS2072A-S   Rigol DS2072A-S 70MHz Digital Oscilloscope & Signal Generator
DS2102A   Rigol DS2102A 100MHz Digital Oscilloscope
DS2102A-S   Rigol DS2102A-S 100MHz Digital Oscilloscope & Signal Generator
DS2102E   Rigol DS2102E 100MHz Digital Oscilloscope
DS2202A   Rigol DS2202A 200MHz Digital Oscilloscope
DS2202A-S   Rigol DS2202A-S 200MHz Digital Oscilloscope & Signal Generator
DS2202E   Rigol DS2202E 200MHz Digital Oscilloscope
DS2302A   Rigol DS2302A 300MHz Digital Oscilloscope
DS2302A-S   Rigol DS2302A-S 300MHz Digital Oscilloscope & Signal Generator
DS4012   Rigol DS4012 100MHz 2-Channel Digital Oscilloscope
DS4014   Rigol DS4014 100MHz 4-Channel Digital Oscilloscope
DS4014E   Rigol DS4014E 100MHz 4-Channel Digital Oscilloscope
DS4022   Rigol DS4022 200MHz 2-Channel Digital Oscilloscope
DS4024   Rigol DS4024 200MHz 4-Channel Digital Oscilloscope
DS4024E   Rigol DS4024E 200MHz 4-Channel Digital Oscilloscope
DS4032   Rigol DS4032 350MHz 2-Channel Digital Oscilloscope
DS4034   Rigol DS4034 350MHz 4-Channel Digital Oscilloscope
DS4052   Rigol DS4052 500MHz 2-Channel Digital Oscilloscope
DS4054   Rigol DS4054 500MHz 4-Channel Digital Oscilloscope
DS6000-DK   Rigol DS6000-DK Demo Board
DS6062   Rigol DS6062 600MHz 2-Channel Digital Oscilloscope
DS6064   Rigol DS6064 600MHz 4-Channel Digital Oscilloscope
DS6102   Rigol DS6102 1GHz 2-Channel Digital Oscilloscope
DS6104   Rigol DS6104 1GHz 4-Channel Digital Oscilloscope
DSA-Util-Kit   Rigol DSA Utility Kit
DSA1030   Rigol DSA1030 3GHz Spectrum Analyser
DSA1030-TG   Rigol DSA1030-TG 3GHz Spectrum Analyser with Tracking Generator
DSA1030A   Rigol DSA1030A 3GHz Spectrum Analyser
DSA1030A-TG   Rigol DSA1030A-TG 3GHz Spectrum Analyser with Tracking Generator
DSA705   Rigol DSA705 500MHz Spectrum Analyser
DSA710   Rigol DSA710 1GHz Spectrum Analyser
DSA815   Rigol DSA815 1.5GHz Spectrum Analyser
DSA815-TG   Rigol DSA815-TG 1.5GHz Spectrum Analyser with Tracking Generator
DSA832   Rigol DSA832 3.2GHz Spectrum Analyser
DSA832-TG   Rigol DSA832-TG 3.2GHz Spectrum Analyser with Tracking Generator
DSA832E   Rigol DSA832E 3.2GHz Spectrum Analyser
DSA832E-TG   Rigol DSA832E-TG 3.2GHz Spectrum Analyser with Tracking Generator
DSA875   Rigol DSA875 7.5GHz Spectrum Analyser
DSA875-TG   Rigol DSA875-TG 7.5GHz Spectrum Analyser with Tracking Generator
DSG3030   Rigol DSG3030 3GHz RF Signal Generator
DSG3030-IQ   Rigol DSG3030-IQ 3GHz RF Signal Generator
DSG3060   Rigol DSG3060 6GHz RF Signal Generator
DSG3060-IQ   Rigol DSG3060-IQ 6GHz RF Signal Generator
DSG800-PUG   Rigol DSG800-PUG Pulse Train Generator Licence
DSG800-PUM   Rigol DSG800-PUM Pulse Modulation & Pulse Generator Licence
DSG815   Rigol DSG815 1.5GHz RF Signal Generator
DSG830   Rigol DSG830 3GHz RF Signal Generator
DSA800-EMI   Rigol EMI-DSA800 EMI Filter & Quasi-Peak Detector Licence
FC1868   Rigol FC1868 LA Module Date Ribbon Cable
FIRMWARE-UPDATE   Rigol Firmware Update
DS4000-FPC   Rigol FPC-DS4000 Front Panel Cover
DS6000-FPCS   Rigol FPCS-DS6000 Front Panel Cover
DSA1000-FPCS   Rigol FPCS-DSA1000 Front Panel Cover
DL3-FREQ   Rigol FREQ-DL3 High Frequency Licence
DL3-HIRES   Rigol HIRES-DL3 Readback Resolution Licence
DP700-HIRES   Rigol HIRES-DP700 High Resolution Licence
DP800-HIRES   Rigol HIRES-DP800 High Resolution Licence
DP800-INTERFACE   Rigol INTERFACE-DP800 RS232 & LAN Licence
DM3000-KELVIN   Rigol KELVINTESTCLIP-DMM Kelvin Test Clips
DL3-LAN   Rigol LAN-DL3 LAN Interface Licence
DM3000-LEAD   Rigol LD-DM Test Leads (1-off Black & 1-off Red)
LH1116   Rigol LH1116 Active Logic Head
M300   Rigol M300 Data Acquisition System
M301   Rigol M301 Data Acquisition System
M302   Rigol M302 Data Acquisition System
M3A2B   Rigol M3A2B Analogue Bus to Banana Adapter
M3GPIB   Rigol M3GPIB GPIB Adapter
MC3065   Rigol MC3065 DMM Module
MC3120   Rigol MC3120 20 Channel Multiplexer Module
MC3132   Rigol MC3132 32 Channel Multiplexer Module
MC3164   Rigol MC3164 64 Channel Single Ended Multiplexer Module

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